Making Peace With Gravity?

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I probably shouldn’t be, but sometimes I get jealous of the fresh-faced, smooth-skinned twenty-somethings I see walking about. Tan and toned in shorts and tight vintage tees, they flip-flop around reminding me that once upon a time, I too filled out a pair of short shorts like they do. In fact, watching them only succeeds in making me painfully aware of the fact that gravity is most certainly winning in the epic battle of Me vs. It.

As forty looms large, hovering ominously on a not-so-distant horizon, all I need to do is look in the mirror to be reminded that nothing stays the same for very long. I can’t help but notice every new crease, line, wrinkle, dimple or dent that forms in my reflection as everything continues it’s relentless march southward. It’s so much easier now to get depressed thinking of times I looked better, felt prettier or had the stamina of the Energizer Bunny without any help from Starbucks.

However, (and this is a BIG however) if I were to be REALLY honest with myself about those alleged “better” times, I’m fairly certain I was unhappy with my appearance back then too. Surely it’s a losing battle entertaining thoughts that I was also miserable at a time when I should have been THRILLED that all the important parts remained solidly north of the equator. But it DOES beg the question: Am I EVER going to be happy!?

I’d love to find the answer. I know my mother would too as it’s a question she’s been asking me since the first Bush Administration. Someone older and wiser than me, please tell me this is something I’ll learn to do in my 40’s!?  I’m begging you, because as I come to grips with the fact that gravity IS going to win in the end and my knees (among other things) are NOT EVER climbing back to where they were a decade ago, I need to believe that peace is possible. Please tell me that at some point in the near future I will be able to shake hands with my reflection and sign a peace treaty with gravity — or at the very least declare a ceasefire.


14 thoughts on “Making Peace With Gravity?

  1. I hear every single work you’re saying! Great point about looking back and probably not being happy with things either. So very true in my life as well. Hugs and kisses to you, Lee and Stanley!

    • Thank you Paige!! Hugs and kisses to you, Caleb and your furry critters 🙂 I know that I’m getting better at it… but I’m definitely not there yet. I don’t want to be 60 by the time I am OK with it. lol

  2. Joseph Simone says:

    One thing that you will always be able to control is your fitness. It is very rewarding to stay in shape as the years go by. Staying active along with a reasonable diet will slow the aging process. Don’t be so critical of yourself. You will be a beautiful woman for many years to come.

    • You are so right, Joe! I know that you are and I know that it makes all the difference in the world. I used to want to do it to stay skinny… but now I need to do it to minimize the damage from the aging process! 😉

  3. Just love your whole being Sweetie! I am looking good for going into my 40’s and I am certainly healthier now then when I was in my 20’s – loving me and loving what my body and being does for me each and every day. Happy Day 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! I have been neglecting it… and I’m trying to get back to it… slowly. The blog and a healthier lifestyle… BOTH! You are always so encouraging and I am thankful that you share your bubbly wisdom with us.

  4. The Well says:

    At 25, I’ve just moved to a small college town from DC, and I feel jealous seeing all these beautiful, fit college girls everywhere. It may sound silly, as I am not much older than them, but I often feel inadequate. But I like to think that with every new year comes the wisdom and experience to live a better life, and I would much rather be in this body today than back in my teenage or college-aged self who was less healthy and less aware of who I was. Anyway I enjoyed reading your blog post a lot! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for reading and for leaving a comment! I love to hear from people who happen upon this blog. You are definitely right about being happy in our own skin and that kind of happiness does get easier as we get older. 🙂

  5. Dearest Daughter,
    I am close to acceptance of this 66 year old body!!! I joke about today being as good as it gets. It may be true about the body but who we are on the inside needs to find contentment. THAT will be happiness. After retiring, I am truly happier and more content. The retirement benefits are good and the chance to pick up and travel is a great boost. I figure it really is all in our minds, literally, and we have to decide to be content. Of course good health really is something to be happy about. That allows your dad and I to travel and have fun. Then as the limitations arrive, we will still look at what we still CAN do. “Godliness with contentment is great gain.”

  6. tomilee07 says:

    Later this year, I’ll say goodbye to my 40’s and enter my 50’s. I think it’s okay not be totally happy with what is happening to your body. Just as long as that unhappiness doesn’t truly settle in and make you down on yourself. Personally, I’m not very thrilled about gaining weight in the wrong places, creases in my face like earthquake fault lines, hair where I don’t want it, no hair where I do want it. If I could afford plastic surgery, I would go for it. All that said, the older I get, the more thankful I am for all the positive aspects of my looks, my health, and my life. I tell myself, “It is what it is” and then I deal with it.

    • Thanks Tomilee. You always have such a good outlook on things. I miss not being in the office next to yours 😦 Though it’s been 10+ years, you are the same beautiful person you were then. Remember San Antonio? And the “happy little trees”? That was a great time. The catalyst for the “happy little trees” would be beneficial with this aging thing. It would still happen… But we wouldn’t care so much! Lol

    • You are right. I know you are! I have good days and bad days getting to where you are now. Obviously I wrote this on one of the bad ones… But who’s keeping score? I agree with you that wisdom comes with age and with wisdom comes confidence and contentment. 🙂

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