In Case of Emergency

Lee is a dear high-school friend turned fiance who I once told in the 5th grade to quote: “Take a picture, it will last longer.” After reconnecting 17 years later, I’ve discovered that he is still my best friend, my number one fan, and often my inspiration—albeit target—for a lot of what I write.

Two years (to the day) from the time we started dating he got down on one knee and said to me: “Although a picture would have been nice… I want something that lasts forever. Will you marry me?”

So I guess that’s that. We’re a long way from the 5th grade now—but his proposal is proof positive that it’s never too late for love.


17 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency

  1. Kristine Treat says:

    Aaawww! I’m so glad that you’re happy, or at least you appear to be. I miss you! I hope that someday we can make our paths intentionally intersect.

  2. Don Spinell says:

    Just wanted to let you know, that I did check you out! I hope you guys can make the game on Friday. 7:30pm kickoff at Canton Central. Go Lions!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for stopping by! It was so cool to “bump” into you at the OSU game like that! I’ll be there for kickoff at 7:30! Go Lions!! I hope you had the chance to read “Friday Night Lights” when you stopped by.

  3. There are people you just seem to connect with. I’ve come across people years later, and it’s just like continuing a conversation. (Sort of like the famous–and true–story about the Protestant preacher who, after years in a Catholic prison, when released, went right back to the pulpit and began, “As I was saying.”)


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