My Silent Partner

This not-so-little fur ball has been there through thick and thin. We found each other when we needed one another most. I adopted Stanley from a shelter in New Mexico when he was about 2 years old. It was a good deal… I had a home without a cat and Stan was a cat without a home. We make for good companions… I love to talk and yell and randomly burst into song, whereas he is totally mute…

so I always have the last word.

Except when he pukes on the carpet.



18 thoughts on “My Silent Partner

  1. aigore says:

    future belongs to the kitty-cats… no doubt about it, humans were too weak no to fall for their charm… 😀

    • I’m sorry to hear that. I lost my 22 year old kitty, Maddie, in 2007 and that was when I adopted Stanley. It helped me heal a lot faster to open my home to a new critter. I knew Stanley wasn’t a replacement… we just needed each other. Perhaps you could do that too. Go to a local shelter and provide a home for one in need. Maybe you were meant to be! I wish you all the best missing Orange. That is so difficult. Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again!

    • That does tend to happen doesn’t it? The more you have, the less you become! Thank you for stopping 🙂 Tomorrow I am having the poor guy shaved. Despite brushing him almost daily, this humid weather we’re having has made his fur all matted. I will be posting some pictures so please be sure to come back… you’ll feel sorry for him, I guarantee it!

    • Thank you! And thank you for visiting. I just moved and Stanley is currently at my parents’ house. I will bring him to the city to live with us next week. I wanted to get to the new house and get things a little more settled first. But I MISS him! I take it you are a cat person too??

      • I’m a cat and dog person, but I’d say my love for dogs presides. 🙂 I’ve been brought up with dogs all my life, it’s my partner’s love of cats that’s gotten me to appreciate them though! He’s cat mad!

        • I like them both as well. But living in an apartment for years has meant that if I want a pet, the feline friend is the way to go. My parents have a golden retriever that I absolutely ADORE and consider my own. I like them both for the different qualities the possess. Dogs are fun and loveable and cats demand respect for their “coolness”… if only that attitude would rub off on me! 😉

  2. So, how did he get mute? There are stray cats in my neighborhhod, and they can get kind of annoying, walking over the roof at night and meowing at any given time. I guess the Thoms are trying to attract the Sallies. Then the nearly nightly cat fight.

    Yup, cats sure know how to partee.

    By the way, how is Stanley know? Last I remembered of him he was hole up in the basement.

    • Donald, I don’t know how be lost his voice since I adopted him as an adult cat. The shelter thought that since there was no visible trauma to the area that he most likely had an infection as a kitten that paralyzed his vocal chords. He still communicates in his own unique way and it is kinda of nice not to have him howling. I just have to be aware in case I can’t find him that he can’t tell me where he is by crying.

      He is doing great now and is very comfy in his new place. Thank you for asking!

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