NYC: The City You Forgot You Knew

I’m a bit of a pop culture groupie. And New York City—with it’s starring role in so many movies and TV shows—is a popular culture lover’s dream. Forever a fan of both the small and large screen, I’ve been able to enjoy countless portrayals of life as I will never know it thanks to the magic of television and cinema throughout the years. 

I had not been to New York prior to this visit and yet I was amazed at how familiar it was to me once I arrived. Rounding every corner provided the strongest sense of deja vu I’ve ever experienced. And taking in many of the sights was like looking into the face of a dear, old friend. Whether you’ve been to the city or not, take a look at some of these famous places. Perhaps you will find them to be as familiar as I did…

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5 thoughts on “NYC: The City You Forgot You Knew

  1. Thanks for the slideshow that was fun. New York City is like a mother’s jewel box. It holds the spirit of adventure. You never know what you might see and there is so much too see. I used to love snooping in my mother’s jewelry box when I was young. And it was forbidden so that made it even more exciting.

  2. The weirdest sensation I have when returning to NYC is one of just travelled to a my home town centre – despite the 8 hour flight, and the 2-3 hours either side of the flight between starting our journey and finally arriving at our hotel… Walking down the street that first afternoon, I feel like I’ve just popped into Leeds City Centre – just 6 miles (around 15 mins door to door in the car from where we live)… Every sight, sound and smell is THAT familiar… Even stranger, I got the exact same feeling my first visit.

    I think you’re right – it could have something to do with seeing it so much on TV shows – at least the sounds part (and maybe some of the sights), but it is a truly strange feeling… I must admit I felt very much ‘at home’ the first time I visited – and that feeling just keeps getting stronger…

    (Oh dear…. my post-vacation funk has just gone back a stage or two…!)


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