NYC: A Much Needed Break From… Absolutely Nothing

So I took a little blogcation for a few days in order to get away from the hectic pace that is my life these days. The so-called hectic pace being largely comprised of job hunting, unpacking sweaters and tuning in to watch The View every morning. During this blogcation I am excited to say that we took a real vacation to the very place that embodies the truest of hectic paces — The Isle of Manhattan.

I have never been to New York City (since I am told that my little pass over the GW bridge last summer doesn’t count) and it was an amazingly adventurous and eye-opening treat! I hopefully gathered a bit of fodder in which to share with you here as I jotted a few things down… at the hotel, on the subway, while my pizza cooled in Little Italy and in my seat at the Garden—waiting for the Rangers to take to the ice.

As incredible as it was to finally visit the famous, fabled, pulsing, living, breathing city that never sleeps… it has also been refreshing to come home to a world where I need only hop in my car to get anywhere I need to be and enjoy a bathroom in which I can actually turn around.

I hope you’ll check back in the days ahead as I promise to do my best to share a few little bites of a very Big Apple.


8 thoughts on “NYC: A Much Needed Break From… Absolutely Nothing

  1. I rode through Manhattan once. Yep just rode right through it. Down 5th ave I think. I have no idea. My eyes were probably as big as saucers. What an exciting place. Not sure I could live there though. Part of me says yes! All of that food right at your fingertips, night and day. Just call and have it delivered. All of those interesting people to watch. The gorgeous shop windows where I could never shop.

    I just realized something. How on earth do those dogwalkers pick up the poop after all of those dogs they walk in great bunches. And how on earth do they walk that many. I have a terrible time getting two to walk together. I tried three once and almost got killed. I’ll stay where I am.

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