The Post-Vacation Funk

post vacay funkI just returned from a glorious, much-needed, 8-day vacay up and down the New England coast with my man… and yes, it was A-MAZ-ING. However… it is now official. I am in the midst of a full-fledged, hard-core, post-vacation funk. And I am here to tell you that the fabled funk is very real and I would argue that it is an inevitable occurrence in the life of any vacationer.

All the fun you’ve been planning for, saving for and laid awake with great night-before-Christmas anticipation for … is over. The photos are now in your camera instead of the brochure and the t-shirt is hanging in the closet.

Mind you, the funk does not occur overnight. Rather it seeps into your conscience slowly and before you know it you are completely mired in it. Suddenly you find yourself knee-deep in the reality that you are neither: A. Independently wealthy, or B. Free from the obscenity that is Responsibility … with a capital “R.”

When you first arrive home—a weary traveler surrounded by the familiar sights, scents and sounds of your “stuff”—you can’t help but experience Dorothy’s “There’s No Place Like Home”  feeling and sleeping in your own bed (on the memory foam that still remembers you) is blissful.

The next day comes and whether at home or the office, it is a flurry of activity. You’re answering emails, returning calls and taking care of household chores with that rested, happy glow that only a true getaway can provide. You’re still sportin’ the chilled attitude that comes from spending 7 days in flip-flops and you are recounting the details of your adventure to anyone who will listen. People expect that you will not exactly be “at the top of your game” since your head is most likely still in the clouds (or on the beach, or in the mountains, or by the pool, or at that really cool bar you found) and minor errors and gaffs are swiftly forgiven.

Day three brings with it the bi!@# that is reality. The alarm sounds for the second time since you’ve been back and you suddenly remember that this was why you went on vacation in the first place … to escape that d@mn alarm and the daily grind that follows it.

Day four is the same as the third only worse. The alarm clock hits you like a punch in the face reminding you that yesterday was not a fluke or a joke or a drill or even a bad dream. YOU. ARE. NOW. HOME. And it is only Wednesday. This is when you begin to play a sadistic little game with yourself that I like to call: “Where Were You Exactly One Week Ago Today?” And a word to the wise about playing this game: The non-vacation version of you will always wind up the loser.

By the way… exactly ONE week ago today… I was still in bed… but whatever. I’m not playing.

By day five you understand your fate, but you do not necessarily like it. Anger builds. You can’t stop playing the “Where Were You Exactly One Week Ago Today?” game every time you open the empty refrigerator, notice a heaping pile of laundry, encounter a pair of sad and sandy flip-flops lying lifeless on the floor or walk past the growing stacks of mail and dwindling supply of saltwater taffy on your dining room table.

It is at this point that you begin to entertain wild imaginings about how you might achieve the life of a full-time vacationer. What if I just disappeared?  What might the consequences of that be?  How much DO they pay those people who change sheets and fold towels at all those charming, little B&B’s? Is it hard to learn how to make saltwater taffy like the guy in the window at that quaint candy shop on the pier? Is it too late to get a degree in Recreation or Hospitality and Tourism Management? Am I too old to become a deck hand?

They say that there are five stages of grief: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and finally Acceptance. They are not necessarily experienced in order. The bereaved might vacillate between the five for several weeks or months languishing for a time at one stage or another. So far I think I have experienced all of them and it has yet to be one week.

Hopefully by the time I unwrap and consume the last piece of taffy, I will have quietly accepted my life just the way it is. It’s either that or you will likely find me behind a glass storefront in a hairnet and white gloves, pulling taffy for tourists.


124 thoughts on “The Post-Vacation Funk

  1. OMG sooo true!!!!!!!! I can totally relate. This happened big time to me after my honeymoon, particularly b/c we went away for a month overseas! I always have trouble getting back into the zone of things.

    This makes me want to find ways to become fabulously wealthy so I could go on vacation more often and not fear the repercussions from my wallet or job!! lol

    Awesome post! Congrats on FP! 😀

    • AMEN to wanting to find that way to vacation full time! Thanks for the congrats too! I was really excited to see this in FP! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you will come back. Your blog name looks interesting… can’t wait to check it out!

      • Everything will be boring when you take it as work. Vacation won’t be vacation if you do it every day. Getaway is always cheerful.

  2. I think it should be a rule that every vacation is followed by a vacation from your vacation. And then another. And then — well, you get the idea.

    Perhaps I’ll just move to Europe instead. And make sure I take advantage of daily siestas.

    Fun post. I wish you luck with the recovery…


  3. Stephanie Hunt says:

    Oh, you have described me exactly! I’ve spent the last 2 weeks trying to figure out how to move my entire life to my vacation spot of choice. Best of luck as we both recoop from the bliss known as vacation.

  4. Great post. Coming back to the same old status quo sure stinks, but I’m sure working in the taffy store would get old after awhile too. Also, from personal experience, not having a job gets old and frustraiting pretty fast as well.

  5. elbodans says:

    I’ve gone through ALL of those phases! So true! And I actually DID look into becoming a deck hand, and purchased a ‘how to run your own B&B’ book. Ha!

    I find that always having a ‘next trip’ in the works helps me deal with the post-trip blues…but sadly that’s not always possible. Our ‘next trip’ is similar to your last trip–if I see hawking taffy, I’ll say hello (or at least wink knowingly!)

  6. Post vacation funk is a cruel beast for sure. I have visions of taking off in an RV and seeing all 50 states and for money just work some odd jobs then reality smacks me in the face – work, responsibility & the darn alarm clock. Congrats on being FP!

  7. well put. my husband and i often daydream about quitting our jobs, selling our condo and car and moving to Thailand. don’t know what we would do there, but we’d figure it out. or i’d quit my job and become a travel agent. they get good deals on travel right?

  8. Oh so TRUE and I am not looking forward to that feeling at all. My vaca starts on July 15th!!! I have not been in over FIVE years! I can only (not) imagine how shrill the alarm will be, even if it is windchimes!
    Funny b/c one of the things I coach people about is that we grieve everyday for small things we do not even realize. Anytime we are disappointed in an outcome, it is a grief on a small scale. Those are not as intense as the post vacation funk, but still we deal with them.
    The color orange is very helpful when we feel like this. Any orange, anyway you can get it…clothes, foods, pets, flowers, paint, jewelry, sheets, sunrise, sunset, you name it. It helps to put us in an acceptance mode, and helps to combat depression. So does clear quartz crystal.
    I love this post b/c it is true for everyone who gets to have a taste of the freedom from responsibility for a moment in time and then comes back to them. Congrats on FP!!! A pick me up from the funk!!! :0) AmberLena

  9. AH been there done that! I found 3 week vacations the best. Just long enough to not be too long. Now I wish I could afford any vacation. I’m in the post/pre employment moneyless funk.
    Congrats on being FP!

  10. Sunanda says:

    How true! 🙂 I think I’d say the same thing for school reopenings….the only good thing that comes out of it is the profit that shops get by their ‘back to school’ sale……(the signs of which bring dread and familiar hostility.)
    It was hilariously factual (people helplessly unrealizingly laugh at themselves, dont they?). Congratulations for being Freshly Pressed! I hope that kinda settles into a good mood, lol. 😀

  11. Very accurate description of how I always feel after coming back from a vacation down to the heaping pile of laundry, the pair of sad and sandy flip-flops, and delusions about becoming a full-time vacationer.

  12. I’ll be going on vacation at the end of August for three weeks. I fully expect to have very severe post-vacation funk when I return home in September. Probably because I’m not sure when the next vacation will come. But mostly because ugh…work!

  13. You just described my EXACT emotions! I am now on day 6 coming back from my vacation, and I was gone for 24 days!! A full vacation that lasted a little over 3 weeks, and now reality has hit! Your blog made me laugh, thanks 🙂

  14. This is SO true. I play the same “where were you one week ago?” game…depressing.

    I went on a 7-day Caribbean cruise at the beginning of June. I’d been looking forward to it for months and had been so thrilled to leave technology behind and enjoy a complete lack of responsibility for a full week. Coming home was bittersweet and I also began the grief process the very next day. In fact, I’m still kind of stuck in that rut. Exactly FOUR weeks ago today I was on the ship. Ugh, I miss it.

    Travel is such an amazing experience. Whether you’re an hour from home or in a different country entirely, there’s nothing quite like it.

  15. I returned from a vacation a couple weeks ago. It’s a disturbing feeling as it sinks away from you, isn’t it? You want to hold on, but you don’t have enough hands… Going, going, gone.

    Perhaps you can intermittently take a morning or an evening, a Saturday or Sunday, an odd ‘sick’ day, where you are ‘On Vacation’. Turn off your phone, go to the park, have a picnic, read a book. Sleep.

    I hadn’t taken a vacation in almost a year, and I realize now exactly the damage it can do. Just take an hour, if you that is all you feel you can manage… Power down the computers and turn away from the clocks. Don’t answer your phone. Take a walk. Wear your flip flops, if you wish! You can put them on any time you want…

  16. I agree completely. My boyfriend and I just got back from NY (OK, two weeks on Monday!) According to your list, I am still on day 5. Planning the next trip already!

    Wonderful post!

  17. NoriMori says:

    My parents get post-vacation funk as soon as they get home. The moment they step in the door, they become miserable and irritable, complaining about all the stuff they have to do now that they’re at home and have responsibilities again. Saying that they would love to just run away. 😛

    I got post-vacation (or rather post-alternative schooling) funk after doing this one-semester grade 10 program called Trailhead. It was such a cool program. It was kind of like alternative schooling (I know because I spent senior kindergarten and grade one at an alternative school), and it was cool because we spent a lot of time outdoors, we played a lot of games, when we got to school there was a water heater and tea bags and mugs for us to make ourselves some tea, and the classroom was mostly a bunch of chairs and couches (of varying comfortableness) that we would all fight over — and in the end we would all end up sitting all over each other. We did lots of cool activities, and we would alternate with the Bronte Creek Project people (a similar program but for grades 11 and 12) to make lunch. It was so relaxed and fun that when I got back to “normal” school I was really miserable about it, and had trouble getting back to doing “real” schoolwork. Worst post-“vacation” funk of my LIFE.

  18. Marc Schuster says:

    Just got back from New Mexico a couple of days ago and am definitely in the midst of a hardcore funk. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!

  19. I can relate! The experiences and emotions I get from traveling are so amazing that sometimes I feel like I’m living a different life. Once I set foot in my home, though, all of it vanishes and the post vacation blues start. It’s quite depressing, really.

  20. Hey sounds like you have an AMAZING vacation! I think most ppl have a post-vacation funk. It’s interesting because here in sunny San Diego I always notice that after a 3 day holiday, people get very antsy and are “mean” for a period of time.

    I like to keep this Chinese proverb in mind:

    “花無百日紅, 人無千日好”–“Flowers cannot blossom forever, people do not always have good days”

    I’m sure you’ll be back to your good ole ways in no time:)

  21. hahaha – That’s exactly how it is! I hate the… where was I exactly one week ago game, it’ll kill you. And if you ever live abroad or have a great adventure you might find yourself playing the.. where was 1 year ago game. 😦

  22. anonnickus says:

    You have raised a very serious issue and have done so quite tastefully and lightly enough to take the edge off. Nicely done.

  23. Just got back from a week on the Maine Coast five weeks ago and I still have the post vacation funk. Looking at houses on, Dreaming of my life in that little house by the sea, but oh no, I live in a big city and have tons of responsibilities…

  24. Florence says:

    Great article! I loved the detailed descriptions and incredible humor– and how you managed to capture the “ew-ness” of post-vacation funk perfectly.

  25. Dottie says:

    It made me laugh! Usually it can take me an entire week to get ‘back into the swing of normal life at home.’ But this time, a week after returning from a mini-getaway, I had to start dreaming about planning my next trip. Happy Trails!

  26. THANK YOU Everyone for posting your funny and kind comments!! And thank you for the congratulations too. I am the kind of person who wants to respond to every single one, but for now I want to just say thanks to everyone for reading and for stopping by!! I am glad you enjoyed this and I do hope you’ll come back again. I look forward to reading many of your blogs over time.

  27. Post vacation makes me depressed of some sort, after the fun, excitement and escape from the daily routines, your back to your real life. It does help to have great pictures to remind you of the good times. Great post.

  28. Alan King says:

    I’ve definitely had the post-vacation funk. Thanks for coining the term for that longing of those vacation days.

  29. I can totally relate! I always say I have the post-vacation blues. I look at my pictures over and over and over again until I feel like I’m crossed-eyed. Great post!

  30. And I thought I was crazy. I haven’t been able to get my head right since Honolulu 460 days ago. Seriously. We have been planning on going back ever since. I still stare at pictures of us at H. Bay, where I struggled with constant thoughts about “accidentally” missing my plane. When I got home, I was left with a million boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts, 4 more pounds around my waist and a huge sunburn on my back from snorkeling. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Great article!

    • We are actually wondering about taking a long weekend to return to Boston and the Mass. north coast… Gloucester, Rockport… to do a few of the things we didn’t get to do on this last trip. Or just drink with the locals some more 😉 The next big trip… probably out west as I lived there for 15 years and would love to show him around. He’s never been out there save for Vegas and Cali. You?

  31. Deletrius says:

    I am actually going on vacation next week, and I have that Night Before Christmas Syndrome you mentioned. Hopefully, I recover swiftly once I return!

  32. I love this post!! Everytime I return from somewhere, even just staying at a friends place for a night or two, I get into this funk. I hate the sound of my alarm clock on that second and third day, I hate the thought that just two days ago I was lying in bed doing nothing and now I need to wake up at stupid o’clock to go to work!! Love this blog, my friend. Very well written!!!

  33. I used to feel crappy for 2 weeks after I got home back in the days when I had to go back to work. Now I get to spend months at a time in Italy every year and love being in both places – Australia and Italy. I know I am very lucky.

  34. pabloalbv says:

    Well written. I could feel all the anxiety. A total connection between your feelings and the words that you chose.

  35. I had three weeks back in the city I grew up in, Dec-Jan just gone, to celebrate Christmas with my mother. And her (didn’t dare ask which) birthday. And my 50th on the 4th of Jan. Got back home, back to work on the Monday and by the Wednesday the holiday was a million years gone. Cruel.

  36. lhgardener1988 says:

    I find sorting all the photos from the holiday into a scrapbook is therapeutic. You get to reminisce as well as getting a bit of closer. Then it is onto the next holiday or just planning something special to do in the local area one weekend. As you don’t want to wish your life away bouncing straight to planning the next holiday 🙂


  37. I have been told that the only way to prevent this is to simultaneously plan the-holiday-after-your-next-holiday… I haven’t tried this myself, but I worry that after all the funds run out (as they do), you’ll just be hit by the post-vactions superfunk. :S

  38. I loved this, but it made me realize what a hard time I’ll have when I go home… I’m studying abroad this semester and it’s been vacation-like almost the entire time. Instead of the “Where was I this time last week” it will be last semester… ahh I don’t even want to think about it! haha. But really, great post. I really enjoyed it! 😀 — Em

  39. I recently came back from a one week vacation… and had to return to work the very next day. I can totally relate to what you wrote~

  40. Too funny! One of the things I used to do was schedule a vacation day after my vacation…just to prolong the bliss. 🙂 Of course, that was before I was working in a profession that I absolutely love. When you find your own version of the saltwater-taffy-for-the-tourists endeavor, the line between work days and vacation days is a little blurred. Thanks for the laugh.

  41. i have post vacation funk! but i find myself falling into it after an amazing trip too. never fear…it will pass. and another fabulous trip will commence. and you’ll have post vacation funk again. it’s a vicious cycle.

  42. I agree with this whole-heartedly! It isn’t fun once you return form the vaca, and it’s true that the depression doesn’t set in immediately but over a period of time once you are getting back into the same old routine. THAT IS WHY you must plan your next trip. Instead of thinking, “what was i doing this time – day – last week?” you look up other fantasy destinations and start planning.

    That – at least for me – is how you get out of the FUNK.

  43. I know the post vacation funk well. It always a little sad for me to have vacation time end. Luckily, I’m a teacher and vacations last for a while longer than most people. I love summer! Good luck on your next vacation. Planning will take your mind off you last vacation and onto the next.

  44. I am right there with you. It was our first vacation in many years and we only had two and a half days. We went to the beach which I have always adored. Heaven just has to be a beach. I wanted to inhale bring it home and exhale all over my yard and house. I am thinking of every possible way to make it all feel similar on a very limited budget. Paint chips are sitting on the table with me now. Nothing can compare to the smell, the sounds and that breeze though. I would make the best beach bum ever.

  45. What a great post!! You had me laughing the minute I started reading!! I just hate those after-vacation feelings…. 😥 I wrote something very similar to this on my blog, except I think yours is much better!! 😀 Kuddos for being F.P.’d and I hope that you’re now getting back into the swing of that wonderful thing we call LIFE!!

  46. I agree that planning your next trip — even a day-trip — can help you not feel so trapped in the banal when you get back. We almost always post a photo from the vacay as a screen-saver and that makes me happy for months afterward; after our week at a NM ranch, it was an image of me patting the ranch manager’s dog. After my week in the Rockies in March, it was a snowy mountaintop.

    I also agree that if you can find work you enjoy, the break between away and everyday is less painful.

  47. I know exactly what you’re talking about. Post vacation funk occurs up to a year later for me. “Remember where we were last year at this time? In Hawaii… on a beach sipping a margarita.” Sigh. Where are you today? Sitting on the couch, avoiding the outside because its 95 degrees, debating between rewarching Cluless for the 15th time in your life or making brownies in an effort to simply, get off the couch. Damn you vacation funk. I’m going to plan my trip for next year so I can begin my anticipation of it!

  48. Nice post! We used to take cruise vacations and another added problem was getting your land legs back. I would find myself swaying back and forth for a week after getting back on dry land.

    Now, with two kids in college, I’m suffering the awful “No-Vacation Funk.” So consider yourself lucky about that.

    Love your blog, keep up the great work.

  49. No vacation is ever long enough, no matter how long it actually lasted. The best way to get over the post-vacation funk is start planning the next one. No matter if you have a long time to wait before actually taking that next one, all the more time to dream and plan.

  50. my rule: while I’m on vacation, I hatch a plot for the next vacation. Not full on planning but an intention, a prayer, a mantra. I need that carrot stick to get me thru that post vacay haze…. BTW, calling it funk is too kind, because FUNK just makes me want to dance!

    LOVE your post. Thanks…a..lot… NOW I really really really waaaaaant a vacation.
    No, I neeeeeeed a vacation.

  51. Oh so true! From an avid travel and someone who has most certainly been in the company of “the funk” I can appreciate this post. I wish I could ride the travel high between travels.

  52. val matthews says:

    This year I’ve found the perfect way to get over my vacation … a complete mid life crisis! Jacked in the job, fitted in another holiday before the main holiday, come back off holiday to work at a Festival for a week, and finally booked a 5 week volunteering trip to work with Pandas in China!! Can’t believe I’m finally doing what I’ve always wanted. What happens when I get back? Who Knows, but hopefully the Xmas jobs will be starting up. No way do I want to go back to my 9-5 Accounts job.

  53. It’s been a month since my first cruise to the Bahamas and I’m finally getting back into the commoner routine, full of work, parenting and other responsibilities!

  54. RESPONSIBILITY… such a nasty word. It reeks of exhaustion and isolation and futility. I’m still trying to figure out a way to combine responsibility and fun…
    Vacations are like coming up for air. Wow, there IS life out there!! I can SO relate to your post-vacation grief! Great post!

  55. great blog! Take it from who is basically on vacation all the time, it makes the real vacations much less awesome and I kind of just want to be back home. I’ll be reading…thank you!

  56. I just got back from vacation myself, and just yesterday at work, like you said, I was reminded why I went on vacation in the first place. The vacation high didn’t last long, unfortunately. Great post! And congrats on FP!

  57. anhinga says:

    Who cannot relate to this post? It’s a classic. The light at the end of the tunnel is retirement, if you plan right. Best quote I ever read: Freedom is being able to get out of bed whenever you want. That says it all for me.

  58. Spinster says:

    Just came from visiting Italy 2 weeks ago. I absolutely feel your pain. And annoyance. And anger. And desire to be a full-time traveler for life. Yep, I definitely understand.

  59. You have written this post to perfection. Oh my your words could ring more true. I remember when I came back from Europe I would go to Starbucks and sit with a book and a coffee or open a bottle of wine at home in hopes of getting the same feeling and taste that I experienced in France. Nope, it is definitely not the same and nor will it ever be the same. Acceptance is the hardest part! I hate the post vacation blues, but at the same time it is fun to be able to look back at your awesome adventure, the things you learned and the places you visited. What inspired you? What did you learn? Most importantly, what did you eat and drink? It also fun to plan the next amazing vacation too. =)

  60. I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has commented on this or hung around to read my blog and even subscribed. I have really enjoyed reading the comments here and laughed at so many of them!! It’s so nice to know I am in such good company with other miserable 9 to 5-ers dreaming of a Life of Leisure! It has been very exciting and humbling to have gotten FP-ed and I am thrilled that it has allowed (or will allow) me to get to know so many of you fellow bloggers out there sharing your stories and I can’t wait to get around to reading what you all have to say in your own, personal blogospheres. Thank you for visiting and for commenting and please come back!

  61. cool to read this…I can relate as well. Vacations give us a high and when we return our normal life and it seems almost worse than before. I can also relate to your longing for a perpetual vacation, though I would not limit it to a mere 70 or 80 years…I’d like a vacation that lasts for eternity…and not in a world full of pain and suffering and evil…but in a perfect world far more beautiful than this one…with unimaginable wonders and glory. Is a vacation like this only a fairy tale? I think not…as it is written:

    “What no eye has seen,
    what no ear has heard,
    and what no human mind has conceived”—
    the things God has prepared for those who love him—

  62. This is so funny! And helpful in helping me make some sense of my life.

    I just returned this week from my own 2-week “vacation” that prevents post-vacation funk. The trick is to do something so horrendously intense and uncomfortable on your vacation that makes the daily grind seem like a walk in the park.

  63. Mary MacGowan Breckman says:

    How about someone like me? I live on an idyllic lake, surrounded by tall pine trees….sounds like heaven, right? It is, believe me, and I do love it. But I feel like I should have this vacation mentality 24/7. There’s a lot of internal pressure to feel like I’m on vacation every day and it’s so weird! I’m semi-retired, with extra time on my hands, so it’s even more confusing – no alarms going off, no boss, no diapers to change. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I’m telling ya, it’s strange to live in a vacation paradise!

  64. I am blessed at my job with about 2 months of vacation a year, with one being a large 1 month chunk in August. Coming back from that to work was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I’m not one of those people who get depressed a couple of days after vacation ends, I get depressed days before. Recently however, I have been getting depresses even before the vacation starts! Knowing it will be over all too soon. I have problems.

  65. I resonate with what you are saying about the alarm clock – especially with my 6am get ups. However, I always found the the worst bit occured about the second thursday after the vacation, after I’d been back at work for nearly two weeks. The second weekend stretches away into eternity and the piercing cry of the alarm clock seems all the worse for it!

    • Thank you Heather! I have not been able to keep up with the comments and such but I figured I’d just enjoy the ride (since it is a short one) and get back to people when the traffic slows. I know you know ALL about it. How do you think I found you?!?! Anyway, I did want to say thank you because I don’t know if I ever did thank you for putting a link to my page on yours. Your style and content clicked with me and I’m so glad we have connected. Congrats on your run and I’ll be seeing you around. Fingers crossed that we will find ourselves FP’ed again someday!

  66. thanks for writing so honestly 🙂 I’m in that funk too – after a trip to visit friends in Eastern Canada for 5 weeks. Quite acute – prob coz I see the place as a second home (my first being in Southeast Asia).

    I had a good laugh reading your post, and marvelled at how much it resonated and described how I’ve been feeling. I don’t feel so weird now – so thanks!! 🙂

  67. I totally play the “where were you one week ago today” game when I get home from vacation. In fact, I did it this past Friday, only it was “one month ago we were leaving for the beach.” I HATE it when I do that but for some reason I can’t turn that part of the post-vacation blahs off. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed.

  68. realanonymousgirl2011 says:

    Love it! It’s so true especially if you’re in another time zone, you literally need a vacation from your vacation!

  69. Ugh, I just went through this after an awesome beach vacation at the end of last month. It really does take a while to get used to being home again (although a crazy bad drive home will REALLY enhance that “no place like home” feeling).

    • Dear Kaitlyn, I’m sorry you had such a bad drive home! Although it is never fun to point your wheels toward “home” knowing that all the fun is O-V-E-R. The truth is, I’m still kind of bummed from vacation being over. It seems like we spent so much time planning it and in just 8 days it was all over. 😦 Thanks for reading and sharing your experience! Good luck being “back.” I hope you get through your “Funk” quicker than I did!

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