What I Know So Far

That life picks up speed the older you get.

That no matter your real age… you’ll always be 18… in your mind.

That my parents and teachers were totally telling the truth. About most things anyway.

That I will fall down.

That I will get back up again.

That second chances are extremely rare, so if you get one… seize it.

That opportunity is not something to be questioned, but something to be grasped firmly with both hands.

That the difficult choice and the right choice are usually the same thing.

That reality and expectation never look the same.

That sometimes sadness does not have a name.

That if you aren’t paying close attention, you might miss something wonderful simply because it didn’t arrive in the package you were looking for.

That it is better to be single than to wish you were.

That there is no statute of limitations on finding Mr. Right.

That certain people will never be worthy of my time or energy.

That I can never regret something I did NOT say.

That worrying myself sick about it won’t fix it.

That “laugh lines” are only “charming” if they are on someone else’s face.

That the ones already on my face… are here to stay. And they plan on bringing friends.

That life will NOT look like it does in the brochure.

That that isn’t always a bad thing.

That “normal” is overrated.

That anything can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime.

That I shouldn’t be so shocked when trouble finds me.

That I shouldn’t be equally as shocked when goodness finds me.

Please, dear readers, leave a comment and add to this list. I’d love to know what all of YOU know so far… Thanks for reading.


20 thoughts on “What I Know So Far

  1. that spending 3 minutes in the morning the making the bed sets a good tone for the rest of the day.

    that I’m responsible for creating my own happiness and that it begins with knowing and controlling my own mind.

    that social networking sites (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter) are a tremendous waste of time and energy.

    that acting consciously in kindness even when I don’t want to is infinitely better than reacting in anger.

    • Mmmmm… never thought of doubling the vanilla. But I don’t see how anything but good could come from that! 😀 And the other 2 are absolutely right too. I struggle with the last one, but it is SO TRUE! Thanks for adding those!

  2. JT says:

    That writing my blog isn’t half as enlightening as reading others.

    Live life fully, we are here for a whisper and there are no guarantees on how long the sentence is.

    Do things that have eternal value, (pouring your life into others)everything else doesn’t matter and will be forgotten!

    Love is not a feeling it’s a commitment!

    I like and look forward to reading your posts, thanks for making me think 🙂

  3. I am hear to say Get Out There – Experience Life to the Fullest – Travel, Explore, Adventure – Laugh, Cry, Live Loud!!! We get one chance at this thing called life and should live it everyday. Life is short, keep your eyes open for every possibility, and just seize the moment. Balls to the Wall Baby:)

  4. That getting up just 5 minutes late will result in being 20 minutes late to work.
    That life is far too short to not get dessert.
    That if I ever do get to go to Paris, pigs will fly and hell will freeze over (but I won’t care because I’ll be in Paris).
    That just when I think life has dealt me my final blow, I always somehow find the strength to pick myself up, dust myself off and move on.
    That time never stands still and every second of your life is different.

    Thanks for the post!

  5. JT says:

    I forgot one,

    Always wear a bumper sticker on your back side while shopping thats says “If you can read this your too close” in 3 inch letters 😀

    • HaHaHAAAAAAAAAA! YES! I need one of those for my back for next time. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if people ever read my “Daily Thrisis” posts on the side, I’m glad to see someone does!

    • Linda, there were a lot of good contributions! I was hoping people would join in. Now if only I could ACT like I truly believe all of those things! I do believe them, but I seem to forget A LOT. I could probably write an entry for each one about how I DON’T live it. 😛 Thanks for reading!

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