woman runningI ran like the wind with a long blonde ponytail bouncing against protruding shoulder blades. My tan body tight and small—clad only in tiny spandex and a good pair of running shoes—nothing jiggled and nothing moved that wasn’t supposed to. Strong, muscular legs carried me wherever I wished to go without protest. My mind was clear and my vision clearer.

Life was far from perfect, wrought with problems some might say… but every piece of pavement passed and punished ‘neath the weight of my thundering footsteps brought me closer to their solutions. They also brought me closer to you. I wouldn’t know for quite a while. Much was still to be uncovered, discovered, experienced and endured. But you were out there. And WE were out there… sitting together on a horizon I could not yet see.

Sifting through the battered box in the basement marked “closet,” I saw the shoes again. Despite the wear and tear, they remain in good condition. I wish the same could be said of me. Today the tiny spandex would barely cover one thigh, the tan has faded and things now jiggle that I never even knew were a part of my anatomy.

Life is good, but far from perfect. It is wrought with different problems than before — of aging and becoming. Yes, you are here now, that much is true. You were a question to be answered… our life together a destination to be reached. For that I am forever grateful. But still, my vision could be clearer. My will stronger… my resolve more muscular. Perhaps I should throw on garments more forgiving, dust off the shoes, slip these older feet inside and lace them up.

After all, much is still to be uncovered, discovered, experienced and endured… out there on a horizon we cannot yet see.


11 thoughts on “Endurance

  1. I saw you had written something on running and I could not resist. I came to long distance running late in life. I ran a lot in my forties and loved the peacefulness of it. I ran a marathon when I was 48. Running is a joy, but my job is very physical now, and time consuming. I gave up the running so I could write more, which I love even more. The writer, a life somewhere out there on the horizon, as you say. Excellent post. I just had to check it out.

    • You are an inspiration! I am feeling “old” to try and get in that kind of shape again and I will be 38 soon. SO thanks for sharing your story! I’m glad you stopped by and that you enjoyed the post.

  2. Donald Miller says:

    This is awesome. It’s poetical, poignant and as usual, I smiled like an idiot throughout the read of it. Recently I saw a photo of Sly Stallone. The guy’s approaching seventy, and he was RIPPED like he was twenty. Makes me feel like a huge under-achiever. However, *cough* *cough* I was never in great shape. You knnow that sort of thing is, like, you know GENETIC. Same as being fat is glandular.

    • Haha! I always make myself feel better, Donald when I consider that it is his JOB to stay in shape like that. If I had personal trainers, chefs and dieticians working with me daily… maybe I could look like I did at 28 again. Or I could also just start working my ass off! Literally and figuratively 🙂

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