Thrisis Averted

Recently I read about something called a “Thrisis.” Apparently, it is a newly-invented term for that dreaded period of time when someone in their late-twenties freaks out because they find themselves staring straight down the barrel of the big 3-0.

Give me a break…

MUST we make up a name for EVERY single portion of the life cycle now? Apparently we must… because we do. Mid-life crisis has been around awhile… but now there are the tweens, the quarter-life crisis, kidults and thresholders—another fairly new word for 20-something men and women who delay adulthood, opting for perpetual adolescence instead.

Now, don’t get me wrong about the practice of creating new words. Language is a living thing, and I completely understand that making up new words is an important part of cultural evolution. I LOVE words. I can’t get enough of them. You can ask anyone. I SAY a lot of words, I WRITE a lot of words… just like now… I am typing these words just because I can.

Anyway… As a 36 year old, let me put the late-20-something-kids-in-thrisis at ease. Thirty is nothing. I welcomed 30 with open arms. I threw a freakin’ party for 30 when it arrived on my doorstep! It is a wonderful demographic in which to be a part of. No longer viewed a “child” by society… you achieve actual adult status, but the investment firms, insurance and pharmaceutical companies haven’t begun stalking you yet.

Now, 35 on the other hand has been a bit more interesting… And perhaps the term thrisis is MORE applicable here.

You see, at 35…

  • You find constant comfort in the fact that Jennifer Aniston and the rest of her “Friends” are older than you are.
  • You notice the lines linger long after the laughter has stopped.
  • You have entered a new bracket on just about everything… forms, various risk calculations, medical conditions, surveys, products, etc.
  • You are becoming acquainted with new vocabulary words such as: mammogram, vitamin deficiency, blood-sugar level, bone density, “good” cholesterol, “bad” cholesterol and triglyceride.
  • You encounter people who, upon hearing your age, start their next sentence with the words: “Well, you’re still not too old to… ” Then, upon realizing you’ve unwittingly become a victim of ageism, you ask yourself: What the #$@!?
  • You still prefer the look of the clothes and styles in the Junior’s Department, but can no longer shop there due to the fact that the Jr. garments do NOT have industrial-strength slimming, smoothing & supporting spandex cleverly-hidden in every nook and cranny.
  • You discover that putting “enough” lotion on your neck has suddenly become an obsession.
  • You realize that your hatred for Justin Bieber stems from the fact that he reminds you of the brat who tortured you while you babysat him WHEN YOU WERE 14.
  • You, yes YOU are now the target audience for Botox commercials.
  • You are no longer the “young” one on the job. You have actual co-workers who not only do not KNOW who Chris Farley, David Spade, Mike Myers, Matt Foley, Linda Richman or Jack Handy are… They don’t find them funny either.

So if you’re standing on the brink of the big 3-0… Fear not! ENJOY yourself… Because you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.


5 thoughts on “Thrisis Averted

  1. I read something lately that said a lot of these terms come from sales people first and only later become accepted “stages of life” that people start analyzing and whatnot. Apparently, there used to only be “babies” and “children.” Toddlers were invented to be able to sell an in-between stage of clothing. Tweens were also are marketing concept. I wonder if this thrisis thing is like that – invented to sell skydiving trips and similar.

    As for the rest, way to depress me about the future. (I’m coming up on 32, and still pretty happy, but now you’re telling me I only have three good years left? That’s kind of brutal.)

    Anyway, I like your style. Interested to see where you go with this.

    • Thanks for stopping by! I am just beginning this blogging thing and you are my first comment. So thank you for that. I like the concept that these are just marketing terms. I’m sure you’re right. I love the comment that “thrisis” was invented to sell skydiving trips. Great observation.

      Sorry to seem “brutal”… It really is not all that different or bad. I just personally didn’t struggle with my age until 35. And I honestly think it is because you enter into all of those new brackets and such like I said. I don’t feel or look any different at 36 than I did at 32 so you’re good to go. I liked the term and most of my writing has to do with being 30-something, single, no kids, etc. so I thought it might be a good concept for this blog.

      Hope to see you around more. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go check out myonepreciouslife…

  2. Love the post! That topic has been on my mind as well, and I just posted about the same thing (not “thrisis,” because you are the one who introduced me to the term, thank you, but the same idea). I’m 36 as well, and I agree — 35 is much worse than 30. I’m hoping I will have come to terms with it by the time I get to 40. 🙂 Love the blog!

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