More (or less) Glamorous?

I still remember the first time I heard mention of More magazine. A relatively new publication in the early 2000’s, it’s name was invoked during a meeting with a publisher I was working for at the time.

“I want our new magazine to have the look and feel of More” he said, scanning the room for some sort of a response from his nearly-all-female editorial and design crew. Being unfamiliar with it, I rushed to the nearest Barnes & Noble during lunch, bought a copy and quickly discovered that it was a women’s periodical aimed at the over-40 crowd.

I hung on to the issue for months while we developed concepts for our newest publication but admittedly… I never actually READ the articles. Personally, I was barely squinting at the big 3-0 on my horizon line at the time so the notion of topics such as wrinkly neck skin and finding the perfect “age-appropriate” power suit weren’t even remotely on my radar, much less my mind. 

Having indulged—for almost two decades now—in Glamour as my go-to guide for style, advice and articles to which I can relate, I remember sitting in my office (on my perfectly-sculpted, gravity-defying derriere) and scoffing at the idea that I would ever want or need to refer to “that” particular periodical in order to find some form of common ground in printed media.

However in the last two years, whilst flipping through issue after issue of what appears to be an ever-growing population of 20-something models of perfection, I have begun to notice a few disconnects between myself and my Glamour

For one, the faces peering out at me from between the pages look younger and younger with each passing month. Also, when I see a color, outfit or style that I like my first thoughts are NOT… “How can I re-create that look?” Or… “How can I get my hands on that?” But rather… “Could I even pull that off? And if I could somehow manage to pull that off… would I look ridiculous like I’m trying to be 25 again? Where would I even find it?” And… “How much does it cost? Couldn’t I buy a nice new piece of lawn furniture for that price?”

Another clue indicating that perhaps I am no longer Glamour-girl material is that the articles are increasingly failing to meet my editorial needs. Instead of learning how to properly exfoliate, get him to call the next day, manage a monthly budget or balance a checkbook — I’d like to know how to keep the skin around my knees from sliding any further toward the floor, help him to appreciate the true value of feng shui living and effectively manage a 401k in a volatile market.

See what I mean? Disconnects. Me and my not-so-much-gravity-defying derriere are no longer scoffing. For we are slipping further and further from the carefree, I’ve-got-my-whole-life-ahead-of-me-so-who-cares-if-I-make-a-few-stupid-mistakes-and-poor-decisions, youthful grasp of the bronzed, toned, air-brushed zygotes now gracing the pages of Glamour and slowly—but surely—being beckoned by the section of the newsstand that houses More.




19 thoughts on “More (or less) Glamorous?

    • I haven’t heard of that one… what is it like? What is it’s focus? I haven’t started reading “More” yet either… but when Lee asked if there was a subscription to anything that I wanted I wondered if I should give it a try. I’m not 40… still a few years away and in no hurry to get there but I don’t think there is anything in between! 😛

      • I like it because the articles just seem a bit smarter than most women’s magazines. It has a feminist bent. There’s usually one celebrity interview with someone they see as a strong female role model. Then articles about travel, books, music, craft projects, “how to’s”, a bit of fashion, women’s health issues. The target demographic might be a little younger than Glamour, but you don’t feel it as much.

  1. Great post! I almost checked out this magazine at the library and will have to give it another look and maybe check the current issue out. Thanks for sharing and Have a Great Day:)

  2. …and before you know it, you will “graduate” from MORE and start reading about how to be happy with LESS. (less firm skin, less tight muscles, less definition in the waist and chin, less sharp vision, less sharp hearing…you get the idea) xxxooo

    • hahaha… too funny mother 🙂 I thought you would appreciate this post after all of the discussions we’ve had on the subject. For now, I’ll still be happy to take the Glamour magazine off your hands though when I visit. I still need something to read in the bathroom or in the sun 😉

  3. Donald Miller says:

    I just don’t see that girl on the cover of “More” as being the least bit pretty. Instead, I’m wondering whether I should call the FBI and report an abduction. To me she looks like someone on the wrong end of a gun. Also, whoever is holding here captive isn’t feeding her very well.

    I find the soul of a woman in her eyes. It’s easy, at least for me, to decipher some of her character and humanity. Which means that lady on the cover of “Glamour” sort of scars me. That was the first thing I noticed about you, when I first decided that I liked you and wanted to keep returning to your blog. The way you express yourself and the intelligence and humanity in your eyes. That’s what makes a woman pretty to me.

    • Well thank you much, Donald 🙂 I agree that there is definitely truth to the statement that the eyes are the window to the soul. They really do say so much about a person when you get down to it. Thanks again!

  4. JT says:

    Oh Joanna, I know just what your saying girlfriend if it’s not the skin at the knees it’s the boulders above heading south, and can I share here?, it is killer girl trying to find foundation to hide my 5 o’clock shadow… can you feel my pain? 😀

    • You silly! 😛 You are too funny. Tell me something I don’t know about gravity. It’s honestly not too bad right now… it’s just seeing the subtle clues that nothing is going “up” without surgery 😉

  5. Donald Miller says:

    Hi Joanna,

    I have a “meeting of the board” setup on the magazine. I hope you stop by so we can get some ideas about helping Don Allen get his truck driver stories up and running.

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