Pawn Shop Valentine

Nothing says “I love you” quite like cashing in on other people’s misfortune.

Last Friday night I saw something that—as far as I’m concerned—takes the V-Day cupcake when it comes to over-the-top. I saw a Valentine’s Day commercial for… Are you ready for this? A pawn shop. The commercial illustrated how flowers are for pathetic losers… and the real Valentine’s Day gifts can be found at Pay Day Pawn (not it’s real name). “Hey everyone! Not sure what to get that special someone for the BIG day?? … Come on down to Pay Day Pawn, where we are bound to have exactly what you’re looking for!”

Just what your girl or guy wants… someone else’s used crap. “Hey honey! This is how special YOU are to ME… This V-Day, let’s skip the flowers and chocolate-covered strawberries. Instead, I’m taking you to Pay Day Pawn and let you dig around in other people’s cast-offs for something special that shows you and reminds you ALL YEAR LONG just how much you mean to me!”

Big screen TVs, antiques, used jewelry, musical instruments, amputee Hummels and grandma’s chipped tea set (that is missing several pieces). Yup. I don’t know about you folks, but that certainly is MY idea of a Valentine’s Day wish come true. Because nothing else truly conveys your love for him like a nice, gently-used set of golf clubs circa 1963. And you’ll NEVER find anything that shows her how deep your love for her goes like a tarnished, ruby dinner ring set in 14-karat, yellow gold and surrounded by dozens of cloudy baguettes.

I know times are tough and I am in no way poking fun at a non-traditional or second-hand form of gift giving. Not everyone can or even wants to blow a miniature fortune on some roses that will inevitably die or splurge on an over-priced dinner at an overly-crowded restaurant. Sometimes a sweet sentiment or kind and selfless act does FAR more than anything money can buy. But if your significant other actually takes you to Pay Day Pawn for your gift this year… Well… perhaps it’s time to consider pawning them. And who knows… maybe they’ll fetch a really good price!


10 thoughts on “Pawn Shop Valentine

  1. There’s one in our area that advertises at Christmas. I will admit that I am not above gifting something that I find at a consignment sale (kids aren’t picky. A lego is a lego is a lego), I’m not sure I could go the pawn shop route. The gift would stink of heartbreak and desperation and the nagging concern that it was fenced.

    • I do see some of them advertising for Christmas and kids toys that are in today and out tomorrow can be a good thing to purchase b/c as you said: “a lego is a lego”… but knowing how some of that stuff came to be there makes me a little sad and so I found the commericial to be kind of strange 😛

  2. See, I have no problem with this. You can get some really nice jewelry at pawn shops. If it’s the right piece, I don’t care where it came from. That said, if someone were getting you something from one, presumably they wouldn’t take you along, so you wouldn’t necessarily know.

  3. I see nothing wrong as long as the guy doesn’t buy a gun from there as a gift and allow his mate to use it on him for buying a gift at a pawn shop instead of the hallmark store.

    • haha 🙂 I forgot to list guns, but you’re right! Like I said above though… the “crime” isn’t teh pawn shop… it’s the taking them along and saying “Hey! Why don’t you pick out your gift from all of this used stuff!” 😉

  4. JT says:

    Gee, I hope my wife doesn’t decide to pawn me off for a newer model, I don’t know if I could handle all the talk at the shop later on. You know people would come buy with the inevitable comments ” I can see why this thing is in here”, Based in how much hair is missing, obviously not much usable life let in that one” , Wow look at this antique” etc. 😀

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