It happens every now and then to those who love to share their inner most thoughts via the written word. Writer’s block. And no I’m not beating around the bush in some flowery, creative way to lead you, the reader, to that conclusion. After all I haven’t the words to do so even if I wanted to. Though in struggling with this problem I decided to do what else… but write about it.

Who knows, maybe it will knock something loose in my brain and ideas will rush like rivers through my fingertips and out onto the keyboard. Maybe not. But at least you’ll know why my posts have been fewer and farther between as of late.

I don’t get paid to blog. Most of us who do this will never see one red cent for what we key and cast into cyberspace. But many of us do it because we love to write. We observe, experience and ruminate and after we’ve said all we can possibly say to anyone within earshot… we type because the words are still spilling out of us and need a place to go.

But what if there is nothing to say? Or what if I am too distracted to sit down and focus long enough to string together some cohesive or entertaining thoughts? A small audience of 150 people are planning on reading whatever it is I have to say and I feel I must deliver! Desperately I file through my mental rolodex, searching the events of my week, my day or the last hour seeking a precious nugget of wisdom, an adventure, a humiliating personal anecdote or a tale of some random idiot who crossed my path.

The woman I saw in the produce section wearing a parka when it’s 70 outside. Is that anything? The dude who showed up before me at an interview for a graphic design job… without a resume or portfolio. Could I possibly spin that into something interesting or entertaining? The adventure that was clipping Stanley’s nails yesterday afternoon. Is there a story/moral lesson/side-splitting account there?

Parka Lady. Unprepared-still jobless-SansPortfolio Dude. Clipping the cat’s nails. I told you I was desperate.

But I must remind myself that it happens every now and then to everyone who loves to write. We worry we will never have another original thought… ever again… for the remainder of our lives. And we think about it… and think about it… and then we think about it some more. Then we do what we do best. We write about it.


19 thoughts on “Blocked.

  1. And another great post 🙂

    My poor excuse for a post yesterday revolved around me christening my new shopping trolley for goodness sake LOL 🙂

    I do the exact same thing, running through things that have happened since I last blogged. I also find my self sitting in my favourite coffee shop, watching the world pass by or drop in for their favourite caffineated drink, pen hovering above my trusty blog notebook ready for some little muse-induced nugget to magically appear in my post-subject starved brain, eager to be scribbled down before I forget it… Alas, those pages have little written on them right now…but I’m constantly on the hunt.

    And if my few readers have to wade through some very odd posts before they get a gem, well, that’s just one of those things 🙂


      • Thanks Jacquie! It is nice to know that others who love writing as much as I do struggle with it too and what you do to find inspiration. I will have to read your last post about your “new shopping trolley” … right now a giant orange cat is blocking my computer scree. I guess he’s not getting enough attention??

        • One of mine is currently laying across my hands and arm while I type, reaching for the screen…and talking to me very very loudly… 🙂

          Demanding creatures…. (bless!)

  2. I had this idea a few weeks ago — writing about my writer’s block — but when I tried to get the idea out into the world, my block blocked my blog. (Say that fast three times.) Good subject, though. It’s frustrating and disappointing and, according to the greatest writers, no one is immune. Something will come along, and when it does, you’ll get that sweet satisfaction of publishing an awesome post!!!

  3. JT says:

    I get blocked on a regular basis…I find Pepto-Bismol helps 😀 eewww that was so not funny! I have to admit when I can’t think of anything to write about part of me says then don’t write and the other part says but what about my readers, my schedule, and the fact I neeeeeddd affirmation, good grief what a mess. 🙂

    • Ewww to the first thing you said… though true that it happens to everyone as well! 😛

      But yes, I go through the same mental gymnastics that you mentioned above. Given that I am looking for work right and trying to adapt to a new home and shared environment… when I can’t write… I don’t write. It is unusual for me to do that but I just say I can’t worry about the blog too. So then we hope for some random idiot to cross our paths so we can write about him (or her) 😉 Thanks!

    • Thanks Amber 🙂 You are too kind. It’s hard to come up with material too since I’m not working. There’s only so much you can say about washing and cleaning things and what freaky things are currently running on cable. 😛

  4. You know, I NEVER have writer’s block. Not kidding. I’m always blissfully typing away trying to keep up with the words, while convinced that I’m writing the best of all possible writings. THEN, weeks or months later, I’ll reread what I’ve written and realize that perhaps I SHOULD have had writer’s block : (

    • You’re too funny 🙂 But I know what you mean. Thank you for reblogging this!

      I am currently not blocked but haven’t been writing b/c my mom is visiting from out of town.

      Hopefully next week I’ll have some new stuff to write about. 🙂

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