Breaking Bread (or Beignets) in New Orleans

Technology has, undoubtedly, shrunken our world. Day after day, year after year our world grows smaller and smaller as the opportunity for simultaneous, spontaneous and continuous interaction grows larger and larger. It is no longer an accomplishment of note to be “in touch” with others all over the globe 24/7.

But I believe that no matter the amount of unbroken digital and virtual contact we may have at any given time — it will never replace the genuine sense of community and closeness that can only be derived from the good, old-fashioned practice that is the breaking of bread.

A little over a week ago I had the rare privilege of contacting someone who has—over the course of the last year—become a close virtual friend. I “met” Paige here on WordPress when we both began blogging around the same time last summer. Our stories almost mirrored one another in a way that only happens once in a great while… and a kinship was formed.

Lee and I made a rather snappy decision to head south to New Orleans one day and with my bag already hastily packed with the most humidity-friendly garments I could find… I was emailing her the very next. She called me when I was somewhere between Montgomery and Mobile and we made plans to meet for lunch in the French Quarter the day after next.

I was still absorbing the sights, sounds and smells of the very unique Crescent City when I heard a small voice behind me calling out my name. Pictures can only do so much to help identify a person and in a Sunday afternoon crowd in Jackson Square… it can be a little tricky to spot a pixelated pal. It was Paige and her boyfriend Caleb and although we had never before met in person, I felt like I already knew her.

We picked up our conversation wherever we’d left off when last communicating online but bits of disbelief lingered about the fact that we were actually, literally sitting across from one another and speaking rather than typing our thoughts. Although our afternoon together was too short, I was infinitely grateful that the stars had aligned just so for that brief period of time.

And I was reminded that yes, technology HAS made it possible to sit behind this computer of mine for hours on end and connect with wonderful people all over the world… But it is also possible to occasionally get out from behind my monitor and keyboard and hop in the car or board a plane and meet those same wonderful people face-to-face.

Thank you Paige and Caleb for showing us a wonderful time in your fabulous city!  You can check out her blog at:


12 thoughts on “Breaking Bread (or Beignets) in New Orleans

  1. It was truly a pleasure and exciting surprise to have the opportunity to meet you and Lee! You are wonderful and good people. I am grateful that you reached out and that I checked my email before it was too late! I look forward to another (and longer) get-together with you all in the near future!

    • Definitely, I look forward to another, longer get-together in the future! It was so nice to see you in person and have that opportunity. We had a wonderful time in New Orleans. Please say hi to Caleb for me and let us know if you are ever (as odd as it MAY be) going to be in the Buckeye State!

  2. Donald Miller says:

    You’re braver than I am. I’d be scared too death that meeting an online friend in person would be disastrous. I remembered the “We did everything except exchange gunshots.” scene from Hannah And Her Sisters. I went to youtube and got it. It’s longer than the one scene, but gee the message in the clip (it’s one of my favorite movies, BTW.) is just like what I come across a lot online. People are either trying to get me interested in God or trying to convince me that avoidance is the way to go. There’s several reasons why I love your blog, and one of them is that you just write about your life, with no strings attached.

    Here’s the scene for anyone who’s interested–

    • Thanks Donald. But I don’t think of it as being brave. I certainly wouldn’t try to meet everyone that I have met online but she and I had formed a special bond and it was so random to be picking up and running off to New Orleans that I would have kicked myself for not trying. I am definitely a people person and welcome most all interaction too, so maybe I am odd that way 🙂 Thanks for attaching the scene. It’s been a long time since I watched that film.

  3. Shawdiane says:

    Thanks for getting back to me, thought you had stopped doing this blog, so please ignore the ‘remove mss’ on other pages. I have been very ill & not doing much internet for last few months, but back on my feet now enjoying the lovely summer. Wishing you well in the job hunting scene, fingers crossed & sending many posative vibes across the ocean for you. :-). Keep well my friend.

    • No, I’m so sorry Diane. I’m glad you read on and found that I am still doing the blog. Your messages to remove you startled me. 😛 I haven’t stopped writing. I just cut WAY back to once a week for right now. I hope to improve on that soon. The week before last I did nothing b/c we went on vacation.

      After Lee’s mom passed away suddenly in March we were busy caring for his father who then passed away in July. We were up north settling the estate for the whole month of July. Needless to say that life had been a bit rocky and thus hard to keep up with on here let alone in REAL time. 😉

      I hope you get to feeling even better soon and that it is nothing terribly serious??

      Please do check back weekly as I plan to have something posted. Be well, positive thoughts coming right back at ya!

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