Anniversary of the Thrisis

I don’t believe in magic and I must admit that there are times when I (a self-professed dreamer) am not even certain there’s such a thing as fate. But there I was at the local library—in the middle of “Fiction K-M”—hoping and praying that the right book would miraculously pop out in front of me, making it’s life-altering, earth-shattering presence known.

Unfortunately, it was not to be… admittedly, as a graphic designer as well as would-be writer, I DO judge books by their covers and nothing was grabbing me. Though I did leave with some lovely, conciliatory parting gifts in the form of an Ernest Hemingway documentary on DVD and an Annie Proulx novel I’d never heard of before.

I’d gone to my local library under the guise of obtaining a card and becoming a registered voter in my new county of residence. Though truthfully I was there for some much-needed inspiration. Wandering amidst endless titles of some brilliant and some not-so-brilliant works of literature, I had hoped that somehow some “Word Magic” would rub off.

You see, today, June 28th, is the one-year anniversary of “Woman In Thrisis” and I had hoped to have something genius and inspired to share for the anniversary entry! But alas, these days I have been cheating on my blog with Linked In, Indeed, Google Maps and in order to secure full-time, PAID employment… and I fear that all of the rejection and searching is zapping my creative energy.

So, however uninspired this may be right nowJune 28, 2012… I felt a Happy Birthday wish was in order anyway! It truly has been an amazing and fun ride so far. I have connected with so many great people all over the world as a result and feel that I have created a tiny corner of cyber space to inhabit and share my musings.

As for this first year “By the Numbers” (not that it matters as much as it IS nice to record)… I have written 195 posts, grabbed (and desperately hope to keep) 180 faithful followers. The blog has been viewed over 43,500 times and had the blissful honor of being “Freshly Pressed” once.

With the big 4-0 sitting out there on the distant (but not nearly distant ENOUGH) horizon, a few years from now… a name change for “Woman In Thrisis” will most likely be in order. But until then… fingers crossed that I will find as much joy and fufillment in year two as I have in this one.

Thanks for tuning in everyone!


8 thoughts on “Anniversary of the Thrisis

  1. Donald Miller says:

    I’m looking forward to your next year of posts. Those are impressive stats. It’s always difficult to tell how many visits someone is getting. I usually think the comments are an indication, but that’s not the case at all. Jonny Scaramanga has gotten over 71,000 visits since April. He’s an outstanding musician and book writer. I would never have guessed that from the comments, although he does get an okay amount of them.

  2. JT says:

    Congrats Joanna, I new we started around the same time but I wasn’t sure of the dates… I was the 22nd of June. So glad we connected and I look forward to the year ahead as an opportunity to learn, laugh and grow together. 🙂

  3. Happy Blogday! You are truly an inspiration. I am fortunate that I’ve been a part of the Woman in Thrisis following. Been going through a minor health crisis lately –allergy-related; nothing serious — that’s robbed me of interest and inspiration but given me wonderful things like headaches, itchy eyes, extreme fatigue, and post-nasal drip. As such, I’ve neglected many creative and physical outlets (no writing + no yoga = no good). Your anniversary post prompted me to look back to when I published my first post — June 23, 2011. I totally forgot. Thank you for reminding me 1) that I once was (and still am) a creative individual and 2) that I should be more aware of the things in my life that deserve recognition and gratitude. Happy One Year! I look forward to reading about all the exciting things happening with you in this next year!!!

  4. Shawdiane says:


    What a lovely way to spend a moment in my day,
    reading what you have to say.
    Good or bad, funny or sad,
    Joanna’s words make me glad,
    to have my Ipad in my hands
    & make the grey cells happily expand,
    along with others across the ocean
    absorbing her blogging words of emotion.
    🙂 To many more years my friend.

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