Limping To The Finish Line

Some of the pundits tell us we might be in for a longer haul. It may not be over tonight as was originally advertised. But whether we have a clear winner come Wednesday morning or the presidential election remains too close to call — we will have survived the political storm largely intact. Well, most of us anyway.

Yes, there will be some licking of wounds and necessary rebuilding of morale depending on which camp you’ve staked your tent these final weeks and months. Some of us will have fewer “friends” on social media and perhaps fewer friends in real life too. However, after the red and blue smoke eventually clears and the elephant dust and donkey dander settle, what we’ve suffered as a society should not be minimized.

Let us not forget all that we have collectively endured: We have weathered the primaries, the campaign speeches, the conventions, the debates, the yard signs, the “friendly” disagreements with our peers, family members and neighbors, the seemingly infinite supply of television ads, the attacking, the dodging, the whining, the scaring, the robo calls, the constant-and-ever-shifting “latest” polling numbers, the charts, the graphs, the talking heads, the morality arguments, the ignorant, misinformed, uninformed and enraging Facebook posts, status updates and tweets, the rhetoric, the apocalyptic theories, the partisan politicking and the endless “what-if” scenarios.

I’m tired now. Aren’t you? No matter the outcome, after today, our part is done. We will have (hopefully) drug our bruised and battered bodies to the polls and freely exercised our right to choose a leader — a right that I am no less grateful for no matter how much I complain or how worn out I may actually claim to be. But now I think it’s time we return to our regularly scheduled programming… complete with those good, old-fashioned commercials for antidepressants, erectile dysfunction, indigestion and Black Friday Doorbuster Deals.


5 thoughts on “Limping To The Finish Line

  1. Favorite line??? Hard to choose but I think it was the elephant dust and donkey dander. What a relief this day is. Every day it is 15 to 20 calls…thank goodness for the mute button while watching TV. Thanks for putting our feelings into print.

  2. Donald Miller says:

    “Some of us will have fewer “friends” on social media and perhaps fewer friends in real life too.”

    That’s true. If there was a time when people ever showed their true colors, it was during this election. How someone voted tells me everything I need to know (to have known) about them. As long as the Secret Service does a good job of protecting the president, and I don’t have to hear anything more about what Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have to spew, I’ll limp along just fine. The rightwingers go to The Huffington Post to do what they do best, make hateful statements.PLUS HP fills its readers in on what Rush and the FNPN are doing. I’m not sure I want to go back there anymore. I’ve had more than enough of seeing the ugly side of America.

    • AMEN, Donald! I couldn’t agree with you more. I am going to have to stay off facebook for a little while b/c it is making me too angry to see all of the hateful, ugly, ignorant and fearful comments. It isn’t worth it. The election is over. The world will NOT come to an end… and we should all get on with life. Easier said than done I suppose. You’re probably wise to stay off of HP for awhile if it makes your blood boil 😉

  3. Yay for erectile dysfunction! How I’ve missed it!

    I am so glad it is over. We think of ourselves as the greatest nation in the world, but many folks didn’t behave that way. At least we’ve got two more years before the next big campaigning starts!

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