List of Lost Wishes

Too lovely not to share with the readers of my blog. I loved it!


Christmas 2012

As I was walking to the grocery store, the wind blew a bright pink slip of paper against my leg. The paper clung to me, begging me to pick it up and see the secrets it held. It was crumpled and damp from the snow. And not just pink – the edges were graced with green and white flowers. And black graceful words inked on the white lines. A grocery list fallen from a pocket.

The list was simple:
Cheese slices
Baby crackers
Baby food
Tomato soup
Sour Cream
Mini Bagels
Cream Cheese

A rather basic list telling a simple ordinary story. A mother with an infant. Most likely a young woman from the style of notepaper and the fanciful doodle of hearts and flowers. On the back some more words:

‘Check bank account – see if enough for shampoo? Bottle of wine?…

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4 thoughts on “List of Lost Wishes

    • That is wonderful! I usually don’t reblog people’s stuff but your story was so inspiring and touching that I thought it would be a great lift for a dreary Monday following such a tragic weekend. Great writing and a beautiful sentiment. Thanks for following along and congrats on being FP’ed!! I am glad you got more traffic from my site! My Facebook also got quite a few likes and comments too as I also shared the post there!

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I so needed to read such a happy and wonderful story. What is so hard about everyone doing these kind of nice things for each other? We need so much more of this. So much more. We all need to reach out and help people. The smallest things can be so welcomed sometimes. I adore the way he snuck the wine into the bottom of her bag. And the money. Oh so clever. We have recourses so we can share them not hoard them. This has really lifted my spirits tonight.

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