Morning Battle

It’s raining harder now and I would so much rather stay in bed. This is the kind of morning where nirvana could be achieved by simply pulling the covers over my head and hiding out awhile. The rain is a soaking, cleansing rain. It is as though it has the ability to wash away all of the troubles I took to bed with me the night before.

It is still dark. And as autumn has officially announced its arrival to the world. The air has grown fresh and cool. I’ve left the windows open so that the crispness of the night can float in and settle between the planks of my wooden floors. I hear a distant rumble of thunder and the rain is coming down in big fat drops that make a beautiful noise as they slap against the shingles and the siding. To me, the sound may as well be a lullaby.

But duty calls. Responsibility beckons and pulls on the strings of a tired and over-burdened conscience. No matter how irresistible the thought of staying between the sheets may seem, I have a million things that demand my attention. There’s the 10 hours today that the job requires… The ever-growing heap of laundry begging to be washed… The dust bunnies on the floor taunting me to vacuum… The ring in the tub that isn’t going to remove itself… The empty shelves in the refrigerator, and the way-too-light carton of milk reminding me that a trip to the store is in order.

Oh but the thunder and the darkness make it so tempting to retreat for the day! Instead I rise reluctantly and shower and put on make-up. I rinse the dishes in the sink, trade my slippers for heels, blow dry my hair and put on lipstick. There’s no turning back now. Time to greet The Dreaded Day whether I’m ready for it or not.

The rain is still steadily coming down as I unlatch the door to step outside and face the world. I force open my broken umbrella and hear the click as the door now locks behind me.