Domain Thing

It wasn’t that long ago I didn’t even know what a domain name was. I avoided the whole technology thing for awhile… Or at least longer than many of my peers. I put off getting a cell phone for a LONG time until it became necessary. I told people it was because I quote: “Did not want to be that accessible.”

Amazing how time changes things. It’s almost impossible to remember life before email or the internet, isn’t it? Then a few years ago it was Facebook. Sometimes I literally sit and hurt my head trying to recall what life was like Pre-FB. What in the hell did I do with all of that extra time? I don’t think I read more books. I don’t think I exercised more. I certainly didn’t bake, crochet, cook or clean. Maybe I just watched more CSI and Survivor.

So now I find it extremely curious that 2 days ago I broke down and bought and registered my own domain name: That’s right. I’ve become one of “those people” that I swore I thought I’d never become. I own a website. I am a blogger. And it’s a little unsettling.

Back in the CSI and Survivor days, bloggers and people with their own websites were (to me) nerds who never saw the light of day. They were spindly with translucent skin and bloodshot eyes. They slept all day and stayed up all night in their dark little caves, stabbing away at the keyboard with great gusto illuminated by the other-worldly glow of the monitor. They wrote about conspiracy theories, dark matter, worm holes and absolute zero.

While I, with my expensive, fake tan, french manicure and well-toned muscles did “normal” things like sit on my ass all day at Starbucks drinking iced-caramel machiattos and people-watching… Or perfecting my downward-facing dog, warrior and sun salutation in the mornings and paying $50 a month to literally get the crap beat out of me by my kickboxing instructor every other night.

My, my, my how things have changed. See, the thing is… I love to write. I have ALWAYS loved to write. Except that now I have discovered there is this amazing community of people all over the world just like me who enjoy sitting down at the computer, basking in it’s other-worldly glow and pecking away at the keyboard sharing thoughts, ideas, observations and inspirations about day-to-day life… And anything and everything from conspiracy theories to the perfect french manicure. And I have found it to be fascinating and fun.

Though, I do have just one question…

Do my eyes look bloodshot to you? Maybe it’s time to drag out the yoga mat… Or hit the gym. UGH. As the proud, sole owner and proprietor of  Woman In Thrisis, who has time for all of that now anyway? Soooo… make my caramel mach a double, please. And where’s the number for that tanning salon?


5 thoughts on “Domain Thing

  1. I still remember the day my dad said that he couldn’t justify the money for a computer. Now my parents have a computer room, with several computers and all of the things that go with them. And those are not their first computers. Oh no they have been through several each. My husband is the only freak left who will not get a cell phone! Why, because he doesn’t want to be that accessible to anyone. Trust he will never ever get one. Ugh! He does make up for it with all of his other tech toys though.

  2. I bought my domain name a few months back and will be learning how to put together my website & wait for it become SELF HOSTED – Yikes! I love to write too and blogging has been such a creative outlet for me from my 8 to 5 job. Plus the blogging community is so AWESOME – loving, supportive, cheerleaders – you name it! Have an Awesome Weekend:)

  3. It is interesting to read about you “youngins” initially fighting the computer world. In my 40’s and 50’s it became more and more of the teacher/student world, and I was forced to become a user. I hated it. I wanted paper and pencil. And here we are comunicating with people around the world. It is awesome. But then there is my husband who still HATES this tech age and so I identify with Linda’s problem. I have a suspicion though, that he has his wife look things up for him or use her cell phone while out and about. Am I right?

  4. Neat! I so identify with this!

    Last week, I too bought my very first domain name – not for a blog, but for a web-based business. It’s still under construction, so I’m not ready to unveil it just yet.

    Much luck to you in your new domain!

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