Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects

When I was little I was obsessed with clear things. Bottles, containers, glass, clear beads and stones… you name it. If I could see through it, I was completely transfixed by it. My parents have photographs of me as a toddler, sitting on the couch or the floor, playing with little plastic bottles, pouring the contents from one into the other over and over and over.

I know. Apparently it didn’t take much to amuse me then either.

For a while I had a clear, turquoise, glass stone with a flat bottom that I carried with me EVERYWHERE. I kept in my pocket for safekeeping and took it out whenever I was bored just to look at it. I held it up to the light and laid it on top of the papers on my desk at school to see how the page changed colors or the words became distorted and magnified through its unique shape and shade.

I was heartbroken when I lost it. To this day, I still don’t know where it is. But on occasion, I think about that treasured gem longingly as though it were a misplaced fortune.

My mother—witnessing this interesting behavior in her child—wondered if perhaps as I grew, the obsession would turn to diamonds, crystal and costly glass items. I cannot say that such has been the case, though I do still find clear things quite captivating. Perhaps it is nothing more than the artist within. I am a designer by trade… a visual person drawn to the properties of light, color and shape as they relate to the world around me.

Though never driven to obtain diamonds, gems or crystal — I will admit that the lovely, sparkly diamond now resting on my ring finger has become quite a distraction to me. I enjoy gazing at it in all sorts of different kinds of light. The sunlight streaming through my window on my commute to work… the flourescent light in my office as my hand hovers over the keyboard… the soft glow of candle light in the evening… the bright bathroom light and resulting reflection in the mirror… and yes, even the lighting in the cat food aisle at the grocery store.

But while I am utterly enchanted by the beauty of this intricately-chiseled stone, I am even more enraptured by what it signifies. The unspoken promises of hope, unconditional love, friendship and companionship captured within its glimmer… Things that sparkle no matter the amount of light or darkness that surrounds me.


10 thoughts on “Easily Distracted by Shiny Objects

  1. JT says:

    I too am attracted to shiny objects, although usually I find something glimmering in the sunlight and will go to great extent to get to it I typically am disappointed to find a candy wrapper or a piece of tin foil 😀 I will probably keep looking though in the hopes that I will finally find Wonka’s last golden ticket!

    Actually what this post has left buzzing in my head is a childhood chant, ” Lee and Joanna sittin in a treee k i s s i n g ” 🙂

  2. If I’m reading this right, congratulations are in order! Yes, that happened to me too. I was taking pictures of my ring for days from all different angles, couldn’t stop looking at it.
    I’ve been diagnosed with the RSBS (red-shiny-ball syndrome) by my sister-in-law. I’m very easily distracted and those who don’t know me might find it offensive or rude, but I really mean well. Again, congrats!

  3. Halogens! Try halogens. (They’re usually in elevators.) They are great sparkly diamond light. And of course, if you go into a diamond store, they have the best lighting to make all diamonds sparkle like crazy, so that’s awesome too.

    I’m the same way with shiny things which I veer toward as though we were magnetically attracted. I also do this with soft and fuzzy things, which I need to stroke. I am a vegetarian and would never wear a fur, but I will pet a rabbit fur thing in a shop. I can’t resist.

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