Great Deal or Tiny Torture Device?

Who doesn’t love a good sale? Better yet, who doesn’t love stumbling across a much-desired item for less than half of its original price?

Such was the case for me last Friday while out doing a little retail therapy. I have been looking—actively looking—for a certain type of brown sandals for over a month now. They’re simple and I saw them everywhere this summer so I figured they wouldn’t be hard to find. More wrong I could not have been.

I made sure to check the shoe department everywhere I went, but no dice. Although, up until 2 weeks ago, I had kept my search somewhat casual. So last weekend, I decided it was time to ratchet it up a notch now that the fall fashions are appearing and the summer sales are in full swing. Still nothing.

So I gave up and bought a cream-colored pair instead. They are cute… just not exactly what I wanted. Then this past Friday while shopping for something else entirely… there they were. The brown sandals. The EXACT brown sandals that I have been coveting for at least 6 weeks now. And they were on clearance. And they were my size. And they were P E R F E C T.

When I returned home, Lee was curious to see what I had purchased, so I showed him. But when I got around to pulling the shoes out of the bag, he just looked at them and said: “Those look like the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. They look like a form of torture.” I told him he had no idea what he was talking about. These sandals were absolutely comfortable and just my size.

That is, until I wore them to work for the very first time.

Let it be known that it is never a good sign if your new shoes are hurting you while on the drive TO work. Also a bad sign might be that the very thought of them on your feet conjures up crazy imaginings of Chinese foot binding. I’m not joking. Poor, little Chinese girls were all I could think about on the drive to work.

I guess strutting around in front of a shoe mirror for 2 seconds in the store because they look exactly like the thing you’ve been searching high and low for … AND they are just your size … AND they are on clearance … doesn’t mean jack to your toes… or your heels… or your ankles.

The harmless-looking, vile offenders. Cute aren't they?


9 thoughts on “Great Deal or Tiny Torture Device?

  1. You have said it well…I am sure we all have THOSE SHOES we thought would be perfect and then we ended up HATING them. Mine are royal blue sandals. My feet slip out of them whem I walk. Funny how they didn’t do that in the store!

  2. Yep I have a pair of gladiator type sandels. My size, clearance. I hate them. They are okish if I don’t walk in them. And they will look better with jeans than shorts.

    • Linda, this made me laugh… you hate them. I can SO relate. Tomorrow I am wearing a pair of pants that I had specifically in mind for these brown sandals and do you think I’ll wear those torture devices? Nope. Good luck with your pair and jeans 😉

  3. College Eloquence says:

    Ah, the plight of the modern day female. It’s hard to find shoes that are cheap AND comfortable. I never find shoes that I like (that are also comfortable) under $20. For a poor college student that’s a pretty steep price and it makes me cry inside every time I need to buy any type of footwear.

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