An Honor Just Being Nominated…

Although it’s not a Pulitzer, I was honored yesterday when a fellow blogger nominated me for WordPress’s “Versatile Blogger Award.”  There is no trophy, cash prize or trip to Hawaii attached to the privilege. The only honor is that of the proverbial, but reassuring pat on the back from a fellow would-be writer. And I’ll take it. Happily. It is such a thrill to know that other people, many of whom I have never and will never meet, actually ENJOY reading the thoughts that I key in day after day after day! At times, when my creative juices are running on empty, it is the only thing that keeps me coming back to the cursor.

The first order of business is to thank the individual who thought my musings worthy of such mention. I “met” her not long ago when she dropped by Woman in Thrisis and left a comment. Commenters are usually the blogs that I tend to visit most often. I found her blog to be witty, fun and unique. Be sure to check out her writing at Becoming Cliche and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

The second order of business required of all nominees is to list seven random/fascinating/weird or odd things about themselves that their readers most likely do not know. So here goes…

  1. I am insanely fearful of ALL insects. Even gnats. In fact, I conduct my day-to-day life in such a way as to fully AVOID anything (living or dead) that exists in the insect realm.
  2. I am, however, completely cool with snakes, lizards and rodents. Once, on a trip to the beach, I carried a python around on the boardwalk by wearing it around my neck because I thought I looked totally cool. That is, until it started to wrap itself around my neck… and I decided our little bonding session was over.
  3. My cat is named Stanley, though he isn’t just ANY Stanley. His full, given name (the one on the microchip between his shoulder blades) is Stanley Kubrick… In honor of my favorite filmmaker. In case you’re unfamiliar with Kubrick’s work, think A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey and Full Metal Jacket. He was a cinematic genius. The filmmaker, not the cat. AND Stanley is completely mute. The cat, not the filmmaker.
  4. Though deathly afraid of insects, I will try just about anything for the sake of adventure… Scuba diving, mountain climbing and herding cattle on horseback to name a few. I know, I am acutely aware of the contradiction.
  5. At 5’2” and barely 120 lbs., I once won a grape-stomping contest at a New Mexico vineyard by producing the largest amount of juice in the least amount of time.
  6. As a small child, I had an intense obsession with stuffed bunny rabbits that I carried around in my mouth by the ears and then rubbed said soppy, wet bunny ears constantly beneath my nose until it was chapped beyond recognition. Suffice it to say… cautionary measures were taken.
  7. In addition to insects, I am disproportionately afraid of nutcrackers, marionettes, puppets and claymation. They scare the bejezzus out of me. Because of this fear… Christmas is a difficult holiday. My father likes to hide wooden nutcrackers all over my house in random places continually finding sadistic delight in his cruel little prank until ALL of the aforementioned creepy puppets have been located and properly disposed of. Oddest place he ever hid one: in my freezer.

And now for the third and final order of business to fulfill my duty as a nominee… naming OTHER fellow bloggers for whom I feel deserving of the same award… I hope you will take the time to pay them a visit as well. I promise you will laugh, ponder and find inspiration in their words.

I’ll be waiting / with a gun and a pack of sandwiches  The name alone is worthy of checking it out. Variety, truth and humor all rolled into one. Everyone will find something they can relate to.

My One Precious Life  Honesty. Sincerity. And adventure all rolled into one.

Storytelling Nomad  Travel and Literature. If either of these are YOUR things, you’ll really enjoy this one.

The Great Balancing Act  Health and wellness, recipes and great getaways in this blog. But also the incredible and transparent account of a young woman’s day to day battle with leukemia. Very informative and extremely inspiring.

The wuc  Simply HILARIOUS. Enough said.

Where Pleasant Fountains Lie  Beautiful poetry and well-written words of wisdom and self-awareness.

Side of the Leaf  Real and entertaining stories about life set to music

Craves Adventure Fun travel tips and beautiful photography. If you want to take a trip in just 10 minutes, give it a read.

Food4ThoughtFood4Life  Insightful, humorous and reflective… A one stop shop.

I have several other faves. Those are just to name a few. I’m sorry if I left anyone out. I’m sure I did. Please don’t hold it against me. Happy reading friends. Pour yourselves a cup of coffee and take a walk in someone else’s very unique shoes.


13 thoughts on “An Honor Just Being Nominated…

  1. JT says:

    For the first time in my life I am speechless! Let me just also say, the fact that you included me in your blog list has started these little wet spots rolling down my cheeks, I guess I leak 🙂 I would give you a thousand thank you’s for the mention, however I am afraid I better go take care of this leak before I short circuit the keyboard!

  2. Such a well-deserved nomination for you! I absolutely adore the name of your cat and the meaning behind it, and I feel horrible for laughing uncontrollably at #7. Congrats and I am happy to know you just a wee bit better. 🙂

  3. Well deserved! And might I just say, that I too have an uncontrollable fear of insects. I like to call it “bug-a-phobia”. *shudder*

    Thanks again for including me in your list. I feel most privileged! 🙂

  4. Congrats! You are so sweet by naming me – Thank you from the bottom of my heart:) I love the support we give to each other as bloggers – just an awesome community of people – just love it and can feel the love!!!

  5. Congratulations to you!! I have missed writing, but I have not missed one single post of yours! I always take the time to read your daily thought and feel better because of it. I am humbled that you would name me and thank you from the bottom of my heart. You’ve definitely put the pressure (the good kind) on me to get back to doing what I love to do — write. I have been away from writing for a while, and I can honestly blame work becoming crazypants insane, my computer AC adapter cord kicking the technological bucket, and I took a great vacation for what seemed like just an hour and-a-half. Vacation time flies. Oh, and one more excuse … I am in love and blissfully happy. I’m not even kidding. There’s a whole post coming on that as soon as I come down from my cloud. Thanks for the recognition and the much-needed motivation! Hugs!

    • You’re welcome! But I am SOOOO glad to hear from you. I was beginning to wonder if you’d deserted or something! Can’t wait to hear about all of the new excitement once you’ve come down from your cloud… 😉

  6. You’re the best, thank you so much WiT. I’m a heel for taking so long to reply to your awesomeness.

    If I buy you a life-sized doll of Richard Simmons, will you forgive me? Nothing like a white-man’s afro to lift your spirits, wot. And I’ll throw in a complimentary set of matching hot pants, so you can dress to match.

    No, no! No need to thank me. It’s the least I can do.

    • You are too funny!! No need to ask for forgiveness… it was my pleasure to nominate you!! Though, in all honesty, I would love the doll AND the hot pants! So send them my way… 😉

      I AM glad you discovered that I mentioned you and that I love your blog. So very entertaining… always.

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