Snooze Addiction

Sleep is like crack to me. I love it, I can’t live without it and I’ll do whatever it takes to get it. However, I do have a job and for this reason and this reason only I cannot sleep as often as I would like.

I manage to tear myself from between the sheets long enough to make it through the day. Coffee helps. Much of the time the only thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is the prospect of a good healthy slumber later that night.

Having no offspring allows me to indulge in this unhealthy behavior. No one relies on me, save for my co-workers and occasionally my family. The cat requires that I slop a little brown goo into his bowl that he believes tastes like salmon and fill his water dish a few times a day… Toss a felt mouse in the air, rub some catnip into the carpet and let him chase my toes now and then… and he is a happy camper. All the rest of the time he is… sleeping. Usually right next to me.

I come from a long line of “sleepers.” I am told that my grandparents were big on naps and so are my parents. Though my parents somehow manage to nap AND sleep until 11 a.m. most days so… I definitely came by this honestly.

Trying to explain to those closest to me how much sleep I require can occasionally prove quite challenging. I have always needed a lot of sleep and I really, honestly cannot function without it. I’m not just saying that. Have you SEEN the Incredible Hulk? Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? NOW you’re gettin’ the idea.

As is common with most addicts, one addiction can give way to another. And I am afraid that within the last year, I have developed a new addiction. To the snooze button. No matter how much sleep I get… if the alarm is set,  I hit the snooze button like it’s my JOB.

Initially, my use of the snooze was occasional and harmless. You know, a type of recreational snoozing if you will. 7 to 14 minutes, 21 minutes TOPS…  However, something seems to have changed and I am ashamed to admit that I am spiraling steadily downward into an abyss of flashing and glowing green digits and bad early-morning radio shows.

As shocking as it may seem… I now snooze for 60 minutes! I know… the mind reels that one could SNOOZE for such a very long time. And to think… entire, irretrievable hours of my life are now being spent in some dark, sleep-Katy-Perry-Onerepublic-crime-spree-account-Bruno-Mars-Adele-weather-and-traffic-report-awful-DJ-rants-and-jokes-Nicki-Minaj-splintered haze. I would be better off sleeping soundly for 30 of those minutes and just hauling my ass out of bed after the 2nd warning.

Perhaps, starting Monday I will try that and see what happens. If I break this cycle of addiction it could mean a whole new life! And if all else fails… There’s this…


13 thoughts on “Snooze Addiction

  1. Fight Like A Girl says:

    You’re SO lucky to have sleep come so easily to you! I’ve never been a sleeper, and even now after the onset on my eating disorder I can’t sleep without the aid of some pharmaceutical assistance, however, I love my bed. I’ll ‘snooze’ (i.e. hit the snooze button and pull the blanket over my head) for easily 1-2 hours. Nothing new for me to set the alarm two hours before a lecture and haul my ass out of bed just as the lecture starts, thus resulting in me being an hour late! :p

  2. Ok. If you’re hitting snooze for an hour, why not just set your alarm an hour later and get proper sleep instead of interrupted sleep?

    Also, I used to work at a place that had – next to the lunch room – a napping room. It was full of comfy chairs and couches and was dark and you weren’t allowed to talk or make noise in there. It was awesome.

  3. I come from a long line of sleep deprived hyper active workaholics who feel that sleep equals to laziness. Lucky me huh? Every time I allow myself to relax my inner voice is telling me I could be doing something productive, like laundry or dishes. I envy you!

  4. Loving the post. I feel that a majority of use are walking around sleep deprived. So much to do and only so many hours to do it in! My grandfather said the best place to nap was in church Sunday morning and I have seen him do it – ha! You need to put the hammer down and set your alarm to go off at a later time than keep hitting the snooze button. I think you may be forming a hammer addiction – YIKES! Have an Awesome Weekend:)

  5. I too come from a long line of sleepers and nappers. I take the cake though. I have to have twelve hours of sleep. And often even more. I am far past nap time as I write this. I hate it though. I feel as if I am sleeping my life away. Thats no fun. Nighty night.

  6. I agree with the “set the alarm an hour later and then get up” solution. I never used the snooze alarm. Now that WAS a problem a few times the last year of work before retirement. I was late for work because of falling back asleep. But hey, what could they do? Fire me? :O).

  7. Heather says:

    Strange, because I was considering blogging about this earlier this week! I, too, have a serious Snooze problem, usually about 40 minutes a day. FORTY MINUTES A DAY. Guh. Is there some sort of club for people like us?

    • That is funny! When I read yours yesterday about the eggs I thought: “She and I have A LOT in common”… the rage “issues”… killing inanimate objects… the craziness… the pets as kids… and now this snooze problem. If there isn’t a club for people like us, maybe we should start one.

      Honestly, I have done that before too where I read a blog that someone has written and it is on a topic that I have been mulling over myself for awhile. Write about your snooze problem, I can’t wait to read it!

  8. Love this post! What a relief it is to hear that I’m not the only one with a sleep addiction! It truly is not an easy task trying to explain this to non-sleep addicts. I’m lucky in that I work and study from home, which makes taking naps much easier and also can’t stand waking up to alarm clocks, so very rarely set them. I’m sure if I did though, I’d be a snooze addict too! Ha!

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