My Own Private Christmas

This is the day I’ve been waiting for. Two days before Christmas. Christmas Eve Eve if you will. Today I sleep until the Lord wakes me (instead of the alarm clock) then curl up with a nice, warm, artery-clogging breakfast, a good cup of joe and a cheesy Christmas movie… and Stanley, the cat. Naturally.

In my pajamas, wrapped in a soft blanket, the tree is twinkling and all of the presents beneath are wrapped in pretty paper, each topped off with a nice red bow. There is no more shopping to do. No more worrying about what to get and for whom. If they don’t like it… well… it’s too late now.

There are no parties to rush to or concerts and services to attend, therefore the Spanx, control top panty hose and tall leather boots are quietly stashed away in their respective closets and drawers. There is no fuss about a pair of flannel pants and old, college sweatshirt. There is no need for makeup. No one needs me today. And it is a thing of beauty.

Tomorrow, on Christmas Eve—when the family gatherings and church services begin—well, that will be another story. Today is what I like to call “My Own Private Christmas” with my own sacred practices and traditions. It is the gift that I give to myself… a chance to take a deep breath… and an opportunity to reflect on all of the beautiful people and things that make my life so full.

Were it not for all of them filling up the other 364 days of the year… there would be no need for a day like today.


9 thoughts on “My Own Private Christmas

    • I’m sorry you have to work today… but I hope you get a nice break for the holidays nonetheless. And thanks for stopping by AND subscribing! Always nice to meet new readers 🙂 Take care and hope to see you around in the new year as well!

  1. How wonderful it is to know that you are right next door having a relaxing day. It warms my heart. And..your sister is just down the street having her first day with 7 kids home from school. You can bewt HER day is not as calm as yours! Merry Christmas, sweet daughter.

  2. JT says:

    I really like this idea and next year I think I will try it myself. Have a Blessed Christmas Joanna and thank you for your affirmations over the last 6 months… you have no idea what they mean to me!

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