Coming Down From Christmas

Not surprisingly I had a migraine yesterday evening. My mom, who also suffers from them, calls certain types of migraines “rubber band headaches.” Not because it is descriptive of the pain one endures during the attack, but because—like a rubber band stretched to its limit—you eventually snap.

Often I experience one AFTER a stressful event has passed and my relaxation or “coming down” process has begun. So it was no shock to me when I began to feel an excruciating but all too familiar vice-grip sensation creeping across my forehead only hours after reaching Lee’s house and putting my feet up.

Now I suppose it could have been brought on by chocolate or tryptophan withdrawal or something like that… but I suspect it was due purely to the “ahhhhhhhhhh moment” that finally settled over me once the gifts had all been given, the wrappings had all been tossed, the leftovers had all been put away, the wedding plans or (in some opinions) lack thereof had been discussed to death and the good-byes had all been said.

Much-needed sweat pants were donned and are, I suppose, partially responsible for the incident. I believe some pillows and blankets also may have been involved. Though as of this writing… said suspects have yet to voluntarily come forth and reveal themselves.

What is it about Christmas that incites such frenzy, stress and hurriedness that my rubber band snapped following a mere flannel and fleece-induced exhale? I have some ideas… but I think I’ll save the contemplating, dissecting and sharing of them for Christmas 2012. Mulling them over right now… well… it just hurts my head.


4 thoughts on “Coming Down From Christmas

  1. I was just wondering the almost the same thing the other day. How was the very first “Christmas” celebrated? Who was the first person to start this gift giving? Shouldn’t a true Christmas celebration be a quiet thing of the heart?

    • I think so Linda. It has gotten so out of hand. I know that it is also what we make it but it can be hard to “be still” when the world you’re such a part of is racing around for 2 whole months! I hope you and yours had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you the Happiest of New Years!

  2. I have to agree with you since I am feeling like that today just exhausted. I have hosted company for a week in my home and love it, just want my house back and to relax for a bit. I told my other half that I am taking off early tomorrow (he has off) and we are going for a late lunch and a movie just spend some quality time together. Life is too short and sometimes work is not all play, so just have to ESCAPE for some R&R:) Have a Great New Year!

  3. Now that I am retired, I see that no activity is just as bad as too much. We have to find the balance in everything, including Christmas. We have to learn what to eliminate and what traditions to keep. It is learning when to be assertive and say NO THANK YOU and when to say yes. Here is a toast to the New Year and BALANCE. Take 2 Excedrin, Joanna, and you will feel better in the morning.

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