Glory Days

Lately I’ve become rather entranced by a popular song on the radio. I can’t seem to get enough of it. And no, contrary to the title, it is not a Springsteen song. On my drive to and from the office I frantically search the stations hoping to catch it right at the beginning or that it will be coming on any second.

If I switch to a station and find that it is already playing I am immediately thrilled unless it is at the very end. In which case I inevitably pound my fists on the steering wheel and let loose a blue streak of R-rated language. I begin the desperate search all over again and miraculously, on occasion, I catch it just as it starts.

It is completely possible that in the span of less than one mile my mood will go from bitter disgust to absolute delight. I know… I have some moderate to severe mood issues… but whatever.

Wondering what the song is?

It is Someone Like You by Adele. And although I love the entire song musically, there is really only one verse that grabs me personally by the gut and doesn’t let go until long after the final notes have resolved and faded…

You know, how the time flies.

Only yesterday, was the time of our lives.

We were born and raised in a summer haze.

Bound by the surprise of our glory days.

What a perfect way to capture the sentiment of the passage of time and the disappearance of childhood hopes and dreams. The concept that our youth is as fleeting as a summer is so true. I remember vividly the infinite hope and excitement that filled my younger years as I waited with bated breath for what was to come. In those years… I was sure it would be nothing short of spectacular!

For me, the verse conjures up images of crystal clear water rushing over young feet and legs — browned by the sun… Lazy summer afternoons lying in the grass, the sound of a friend’s laughter mixing with my own and filling the air… Long drives to the middle of nowhere surrounded by the flashing of fire flies… Endless talks about boys and what “HE” would be like… Hearts full of the knowledge that whoever he was, wherever he was… he would be perfect.

The older I get, the more aware I become of the brevity of youth. But I know in my heart that although life is short like a mere summer haze—in what remains of my song—I hope there are still plenty more glory days.


10 thoughts on “Glory Days

  1. I had this song on repeat back in July when I didn’t want to listen to anything else other than her album. It was describing my life. Your interpretation of this song is lovely.

  2. We can make each phase of life beautiful by focusing on the good in it. “Whatsoever things are true and honest and lovely, think on these things.” (New Testament scripture) It is the “happy” stuff of life that keeps us … wait for it… HAPPY!
    Love you and well said.

  3. LOVE ADELE & I also search for this song and other songs by her on the radio. Why were we in such a hurry to grow up as children??? Now as adults we wish we had that time back – a little ironic! My oldest nephew will be turning 18 in January – what a smack in the face – I remember when he was just a peanut – makes me feel old not because he is so much turning 18, but that I really do not understand him at times:) I think about going back to a certain age and then I think why would I want to go back to High School or my Twenties just move forward and make LIFE what it is and have some FUN doing it! We are in the prime of our lives as the 60 & 70 years olde in my life point out to me – LIVE IT UP & TEAR IT DOWN! Have an AWESOME Weekend:)

  4. “Lazy summer afternoons lying in the grass, the sound of a friend’s laughter mixing with my own and filling the air… Long drives to the middle of nowhere surrounded by the flashing of fire flies… Endless talks”

    Sounds pretty good to me. If you’ve got a car, we’re all set.

    I seem to be eternally young, because I’m forever hopeful that things will turn out the way I hope. I think I’ll still be anticipating what dreams may come on my death bed. (It’ll either be that or a really long sleep.)


  5. Jennifer says:

    I found your blog while in search of something to help explain my current “life crisis.” 31, in the middle of a divorce, no kids…sometimes it feels like my life is anything but what I expected. The “green-eyed monster” visits me daily as I read about the latest friend who’s pregnant or view recently posted picture-perfect family portraits. Where is my knight in shining armor? That’s right, I left him behind in the castle. Though it was definitely the right decision, I often feel as I’ve I jumped off the bridge into the moat. It’s nice to see that someone else has many of the same thoughts and questions about this existence we call life. I look forward to continuing to read your posts 🙂

    • Jennifer, thank you for stopping by. I am so glad that you did in that you should know that you are not alone. There are so many people nursing similar disappoinments and hurts and I just find it cathartic to “put it all out there” because sometimes you find those other people and connect with them. It also helps in those darker times when you are (as you said) swimming around in the moat… that you really aren’t. Thanks again for stopping by and I do hope you will come back. 😀

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